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Kiwi Seeds and Gifts

growshop Amsterdam
Kiwi Seeds and Gifts
grow shop Kiwi Seeds and Gifts, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for seeds and growing equipment. Historical information about a closed business.
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Positive Review Mike from USA. Visited July 10. Sent 15 Aug 2010.
I hadn't been in there since the days when it was Interpolm. They had about the largest selection of seeds of any shop in A'dam. Almost every breeder I asked about. They were actually able to overwhelm me with information on the various strains available there and some that were not. The grow room display is fantastic and I bought a strain they had growing - Congo Haze, which I'd have overlooked had it not been demonstrated there. They're among the best growshops in A'dam and not to be missed.
Positive Review MedPot Bob from USA. Sent 31 Jan 2006.
[about Interpolm] Most friendly and knowledgeable. They have, depending on the growth/flowering stage, a unique view-room upstairs. You may see plants in full flower, or see them drying prior to harvest. The seed selections are fairly high-end and would not be recommended for "beginners". Learn how first, and subsequent gardens will be quite impressive. The staff is a friendly, helpful group. My first trip there had no coffeebar or samples. Now, you can go learn, pick a pipe, select a strain, indulge your "brain" and enjoy the company of similarly inclined friends. I try to go every time I'm in A'Dam, just because!