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Positive Review Pthomas from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2007.
The first place I ever scored in, on my first trip and the experience was a trip in itself. The main building is like a pub which is nice, but the bartender was a bit sketchy when I asked for a menu. Then he sent me out the side door and upstairs to an apartment above the bar. I knocked on the door and was told to come in. there was a woman at the bar chatting with the dealer, and I had that feeling like I interrupted a conversation, so I apologized. It turned into a joke cause they were talking about American politics just before I walked in. the dealer was friendly, and being my first time I bought 30 euros worth of decent gear and 20 euros in hash. The hash was harsh I only recommend water works (Dampkring in Amsterdam). After a brief conversation on how an American even arrived in Enschede let alone at his door, I went downstairs back to the bar to indulge. I was very satisfied with my skills as I had found a headshop and directions to Istanbul, in the first 30 min upon arrival, not knowing if there were any coffee shops in Enschede, which I assure you there are.
Negative Review Tarro from Italy. Sent 20 Feb 2007.
It is closed! At least by several months.
Negative Review Ganjabus450 from Germany. Sent 17 Feb 2006.
A very bad shop with unfriendly people and sellers. The Orange Bud was the deepest shit I ever smoked. Sooo a bad Orange Bud weed. Never go to this shop.
Negative Review KC from USA. Sent 4 Dec 2005.
This coffeeshop is not conventional. The actual buying area is located above the cafe and the owners may be reluctant to open it and sell to you. The first time I went there I was first questioned how much I wanted to buy and then they sold to me, the second time (a couple months later) they refused to sell to me altogether saying things were "different" - although they were open. If you go there, don't expect to be able to buy especially if you are not from the Netherlands. There have never been more than 5 or 6 people in there when I have visited.
Negative Review Electra from Germany. Sent 23 Jul 2003.
I'm not sure but I think it was the coffeeshop 'Istanbul' which looks as if it were closed ... mhm ... :)