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coffeeshop Nijmegen
coffee shop Jamaica, Nijmegen, Gelderland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Jamaica Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Jesscass. Sent 26 Mar 2018.
Proper Moroccan shithole these days and only a buy and fly affair as a few bar stools around are not my idea of comfortable and relaxed consumption. Their higher priced Moroccan hashish is though recommended (their best is about 10€/g) and of nice quality to be fair. Beware they are selling wiet sprayed with flavour (this is around the Netherlands now for about ten years, oh my) here as strawberry and apple; whole shop stinks of that crap. Says a lot about their approach sorta but customers buying such shit are to be blamed also.
Positive Review Michael from Germany. Sent 26 Mar 2013.
Been there two times in the last 3 weeks. Both budtenders not very friendly. You can be happy if they look at you directly. First visit I bought Amnesia (without Haze) for 8,50€/g. Paid 40€ for 5,1g. That was good and the weed also. But small popcorn buds. Second visit Jack Herrer for 7,50€, Bought 5g for 37,50€. Wasn't very potent. Next time I will try the Santa Maria for 6,50€. Still searchin for skuff in Nijmegen.
Positive Review SG from Netherlands. Sent 17 Apr 2012.
From the comments on this shop it was unclear whether this shop was open or not. It has indeed been closed for a little while, but they've reopened about 6 months ago and they've completely renovated the shop. The picture on the website is no longer matching. The coffeeshop has been upgraded in many ways and is now a nice, modern, coffeeshop with friendly personnel. The prices of the weed and hash did increase a bit since i came there last time (about 0,50 Eurocents a gram). Quality is overall good. Pretty steady quality.
Positive Review Oscar from Netherlands. Sent 3 May 2007.
It's next to Het Kunstje at the intersection of Vlaamsegas and 2e Walstraat. It is a typical shop that has a wooden inside. The weed was good, but the hash, let's say it depended on the day you never know what you get. If you went there and had a good day, well that didn't happen too often, then I get 10 gram (went there twice in 5 min) because it was really good. But most of the times I didn't bother trying. Just say buy weed and leave. It closed last week for renovation. I heard it's opening in three months and it's getting a new owner.
Negative Review Dil from Scotland. Visited Nov 04. Sent 19 Nov 2004.
I looked for this coffeeshop but I think it no longer exists. There is a lot of building work in this area and a few locals told me the council buffs are trying to close a few establishments. Fight the oppressors.