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Coffeeshop Kashmir

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Coffeeshop Kashmir
coffee shop Coffeeshop Kashmir, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Coffeeshop Kashmir Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Camsterdam from UK. Sent 10 Dec 2008.
Not sure who was working here when "Fredster" went but I can assure you that this place rocks. I lived near here for a bit and always found the budtenders are all as nice as pie. Never had anything pushed on me in many many visits and their hash is great value. Their gold polm is particularly fine as are their hazes but the best bis is that If you, like me like a pint with a smoke then head across the road to their bar. The bar has wicked bohemian/ganesha theme going on and a very relaxed smoking policy. This place offers everything that the centraal does but at a lower price with less obnoxious tourists.
Negative Review Fredster from UK. Visited April 08. Sent 14 Jun 2008.
After reading how awesome it is I set out to try this, the dude was rude and pushy to sell what he needed to clear and not what I wanted, beware as the black hash don't work at all! I even told him dude this shit is not on, attempted several types of hash but none were genuine this day! lol. For someone like me who has tried the real deal and I mean it, this dude and his well reputed establishment is a pure joke, cannot understand how someone can arrive in Amsterdam and first thing go there.
Positive Review Sylvan from Netherlands. Sent 25 Sep 2007.
Kashmir Lounge have bought coffeeshop Jan Piet, directly opposite, which now solely sells the 'goods', whilst the original Kashmir Lounge now practically is a bar. Kashmir is my favourite shop in Amsterdam, especially the Polm Gold (7e/gr.) is my favourite cannabis product! Crumbles like cookies, tastes like 'em too, and gets you so mellowyh high.
Positive Review Dane from UK. Sent 11 Nov 2006.
Had the weed from here a few times. Opposite Kashmir Lounge, prices here are much lower than average. 6e, 10e, 20e bags.1g, 2.2g, 4.5g. I had White Widow, Jack Herer and Galantis at different times. I would rate them in that order, WW was the best, you get a fat bag for 10 euros. Not really a hash-lovers' place, go over the road to Kashmir Lounge for that.