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coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of Moonlight Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited Dec 2020; sent 5 Feb 2021
This one was formerly Meneer Jansen and changed hands to Moonlight. Moroccan guys inside had a huge menu divided into standard strains, haze and kush, all together roughly twenty! Prices from 9-13€ per g. Their list for hashish read eight options from 5€ for disgusting border Afghan to 10€ for their best Moroccan hasjiesj. One of the few shops haven't jumped on the Covid19-crisis-train obviously pricewise even though the resin wasn't special at all but probably solid enough.
Positive Review Wiet Jack from France sent 5 Dec 2010
Bartender really nice, people inside also, weed ok. Coffeeshop 8/10 weed 7/10.
Negative Review J from Netherlands sent 26 Oct 2010
Somewhere in 2006 the shop was sold to the new owner, who, except for the name, had different ideas and a different crowd. Theehuis Meneer Jansen was a special place with many artistic people from many nations, and of course the inevitable steady locals. The old crowd has found other places to hang out, or are like lost orphans.
Positive Review BAC from Netherlands sent 11 Jul 2005
Hash: Super Polm 12 euro 2.4g; Nepal 12 euro 1.4g; Turkse 12 euro 1.2g; Primera 12 euro 1.0g; Ketama 6 euro 4.0g; Polm 6 euro 4.0g; Weed: Jansen Skunk 6 euro .9g; Bubblegum 6 euro .9g; Pre rolls- 2.50-mix, weed, stuff(hash), temple.
Positive Review BAC from Netherlands sent 13 Sep 2004
Meneer Jansen is a small tea house on a big street in the Hague. The place is small but very cosy and has very friendly staff. There is also an outside place in the back (great!) where you can sit down and relax, in the open air. There is also a dark room with couches and nice and relaxing lamps. I really like this shop mostly because it is not very populated, and rarely full. They have weed and hash which are one of the best in the Hague (along with Cremers), the prices are good (6 euro a gram until 12 euro a gram for the best hash). The only defect which I can note is that there is no clear menu, you have to ask the (very polite) bar tender for the menu or ask the bar tender to suggest you what suits you best. I really recommend this shop if you are in The Hague and want to relax.