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Jemig De Pemig

coffeeshop Almelo
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Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Place is Turkish owned and located next to a sexshop. In the entrance area where you buy your gear there is much headshop stuff around, too. Menu offers about ten strains for weed (Lemon Haze, Amnesia, Kush) and a few less for hash. Got me some Super Kush (10€/g) hashwise on recommendation of the female budtender which also was the priciest if I recall correctly. Very dark and sticky hash from Morocco was tasty but more roughly like foreign genetics than in concrete of kush. Not too strong, too. Weed looked better than at De Tuin but still very average. Once paid you get buzzed into the inside of the shop which somewhat reminded me of a fabric hall but also a youth centre (no offence intended). Very roomy place with a big TV on a somewhat stage in the middle of the room and much opportunities around to sit at, approximately fifty. Rustic all in all. Also a kicker table as well as two billard tables. Beverages are coming from philistine vending machines. Clean bongs available also. Apart from average gear not a bad atmosphere at all and so probably the better place to go in this nice enough but still weird little town which is Almelo.
Positive Review Sinterklaas from Spain sent 3 May 2011
The best coffeeshop in Almelo. They only sell pre-packaged bags of weed. Quality is not always as good, but always much better than "De Tuin". The one drawback is that if you want to chill inside you have to be registered. (They take your fingerprint for the scanner.) So usually it is a buy and go shop.