Joe Cool

coffeeshop in IJmuiden
Reviews of Joe Cool Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Average medium sized place with about twenty seats. Also a kicker table to have fun at. After entering you approach the bar to the right where following items were listed, wiet: Cali Wiet: White Dead, Black Dead, God's Green Cookies, Pink Breath Mint and Canada, 12€/g each. Wiet: White Widow (9€/g), Knetter (9€/g), Super Silver Haze (10€/g), S5 (10€/g), Amnesia (10€/g), Cheese (10€/g), Silver Haze (10€/g) and Kush (12€/g). Hasj: Polm (9€/g), Ice (15€/g), Koning Maroc (10€/g), Rolex (10€/g) and Lemon (10€/g), all pre-packed. After taking a look at the nice enough but not special hasj we decided for some hilariously looking 'Cali' which I forgot the name of but was purple and looked different than the usual coffeeshop schwag of nowadays. Doubt it was imported from California though and it only was nice enough at best. Better go to Scolo.
Positive Review Big Tree and Megatron from Scotland sent 1 Dec 2009
Great first stop for arriving in the Netherlands, with some nice weed. It has internet and nice coffee also, but kind of a locals place, not hugely friendly.
Positive Review Steve from Scotland sent 14 Apr 2009
Joe Cool is very close to the port of Ijmuiden, so close that this was my 1st port of call. I found that it was clean and light with a good selection of weed and hash. I was there just after opening at 10.00am and asked the assistant which was indica and sativa as the menu did not show this. I was taking aback when they didn't know what this was. White Widow, White Parel, Knetter, Special, Cheese, Kronan Polm and Butter Polm. I paid 49euros which was great as I was expecting to pay in the region of 80. I also went back before I boarded the ferry on a Sunday and bought a ready mixed joint, there was about 8 people in that day and I wasn't hassled once. Ideal for the ferry terminal. Will be back.
Positive Review Bedge from England sent 21 Jan 2009
Great ride on the fast ferry hydrofoil down the northsea canal from behind central station 7 euros return. And you will need a bus or 30 min walk to the ferry terminal from fast ferry terminal. Can't remember the number of the bus but look or ask for the sea ferry terminal, Cool Joes is very near by. Nice shop, internet also available. Prices better than Amsterdam.