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Neutral Review Sam from Wales sent 26 Feb 2013
Looks fab from outside but didn't think much when myself and gfnd visited on the end of Sept 2012.
Positive Review Ganjoa from USA sent 27 Nov 2011
The boys at Johnny's were the friendliest jokesters we've run across on this trip to the Dam. At 60 years old, they were wanting to see my ID that I was indeed 18! Juan and James were originally from Aruba and run the small non-smoking establishment. They do have a small stand-up smoking room for onsite consumption and although it was early, we were the only customers - we still had to join Juan & James in the smoking closet - the nonsmoking rule is unfortunately no joke. The Bella Donna at 12 euro had a good kick, good value and was the weed preferred by the Mrs. to any other weed sampled by the end of day 1 of HTCC24 (hash is more in her preference).
Positive Review Barf from UK sent 2 Aug 2011
The best in town! Very small but really friendly and cheap! The one the locals use. 10/10.
Positive Review Jonny Boy from England sent 4 Aug 2009
Good friendly service, very small shop used alot by the locals (always a good sign) and serving quality smoke at good rates. White Widow was great here as was the Polm Maroc.
Positive Review Micky W from UK sent 3 Jul 2007
Always me and the wife's first port of call, it aint the biggest shop in the Dam, in fact it's probably the smallest we have been in. Two blokes run the show here, one is very friendly and the other slightly older chap is a miserable sod, he may not even let you in if he doesn't recognise you, if this happens just wait for a local to buzz the door and follow them in. The place is constantly frequented by locals popping in for takeaways and this is why we always go there, it's cheap. They have a house 'weit' called Snow Drop, it's not too strong but not too weak, a nice mellow high and well worth the 10euros for 2gms. Not really a place to chill as very small and not very comfy, but well worth popping in if only for a takeaway. A big smile from me on the smoke front even if one of the fellas is a miserable sod.
Positive Review Jimbo from UK sent 1 Aug 2006
Just nipped in to this coffee shop on way back to hotel. Asked the guy what was his recommendation, got 2g of Snow Drop for 10 euros, and was surprised by it. Nice buds which my mrs liked in a smoothie. Don't just walk this one by, it has more to offer than it looks.
Neutral Review Epsilon from USA sent 7 Jul 2006
Located near Johnny Jordaan Plein, this is a small, not very comfy shop. Local crew, not very welcoming, playing chess, watching TV, got 2 grams Snow White for 10 E. fine smoke. They have an upstairs area by the clean restrooms that could be used for additional seating, but wasn't. Just a bar area and a few stools. Definitely not a hangout shop, unless you're a local, but the folks there seemed to have their own scene and it would be OK if you were part of that. Having said that, as we were leaving 3 guys who sounded American entered and seemed excited to find the place.
Positive Review Babs sent 14 Jan 2004
Well, at first I really thought that it was so tiny (over 15 and the coffeeshop's full I reckon) and, although the choice isn't unlimited, I found their prices more than reasonable compared to many around them. A cheap place then, not much more to say about it!