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The Jolly Joker

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Reviews of The Jolly Joker Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 3
Positive Review Dave from UK. Visited 9/1/18. Sent 15 Jan 2018.
I love this little coffeeshop. On the corner of Niuewmarket/Chinatown it's a lovely cosy wooden 2 storey set-up like a 'brown cafe'. Dropped in three times on my last visit and each time there was a different female budtender. They were all very smiley and helpful. Each time I just ordered a coffee and a skunk pre-rolled, sat for half an hour or so and watched the world go by. Never mind the windows of the RLD, the windows in this gem give you a wonderful view of the world going by. Best coffeeshop view in Amsterdam. Prices of weed and drinks average for central coffeeshop. Smoke quality good! This shop has had some patchy reviews but I don't understand why, I've used this place on and off for ten years and have never had a problem here. Don't miss this little treasure.
Negative Review Michael from Israel. Sent 12 Sep 2017.
My wife and I were on our last day of our holiday in Amsterdam in August. We decided we wanted to have a quick joint and a drink. We entered The Jolly Joker and were not allowed to purchase one ready rolled joint if I wanted to smoke on the premises. Not a very nice feeling being told I can only have a ready rolled for take away! Never mind we went to the Greenhouse Effect where we had a really nice time and were able to buy a ready rolled joint and sit and have a drink!
Neutral Review Davy Kushman from USA. Sent 28 Jul 2015.
The staff was a bit rude, but the cafe was very comfortable and in a nice location. The cafe feels like you are in an old Dutch bar.
Negative Review TNT from USA. Sent 26 May 2008.
Tried The Joker couple times, but felt "unwanted" there and "ripped off" on Thai bud we tried. Had to throw it away.
Positive Review Glenn from Canada. Sent 14 May 2008.
This very comfortable little place is right behind the restaurant In de Waag in Nieuwmarkt just north of the subway stop. The dealer appeared a little fried which I usually find a good sign. His short term memory problems, while they embarrassed him, I found funny (I have the same short term, what was I saying?). He got me 1.5 grams of Nepal Temple Ball for 15E and a gram of White Widow for only 7.50E. Both purchases were very satisfying. If you mixed the two together in what I call a "Salad" it made the rest of the walking that afternoon seem more like floating. They also had some chocolate space muffins too which I forgot to buy on the way out. Oh well, maybe I will remember next time I am there.
Positive Review Eroz from Scotland. Sent 1 Nov 2007.
Drank way too many Duvel in a bar in the Red Light District, had some dinner then ventured in search of a coffee shop. This little beauty seemed small but inviting and there was a nice big table in the window waiting for us. We ordered 2 coffee and 2 hot chocolate from a totally stoned barmaid - both were excellent. I asked what she recommended and was offered the White Widdow. I still had plenty from the previous evening (bought (unfortunately) from Grasshopper 2) so I asked what else they had which was good. For the life of me I can't remember what she offered us (it was the softest bud I had ever seen, smelled less harsh than the White Widdow, and had an orange kind of streak running through it) - the smoke was that good! I bought a 7.50 bag and we smoked a few while people watching from the table. Two joints between 4 of us and a shared space cake and we were flying. Seriously fantastic stone - completely happy and contented! After what could have been an hour or two we wobbled around the Red Light District for a while. Got the giggles and had the best night of the trip. A great little shop - highly recommended!
Positive Review Chris from UK. Sent 31 Mar 2007.
This shop is right on the Nieuwmarkt and has a big window great for people watching. It is a nice size with a ground floor and mezzanine area above. I do remember that there wasn't a massive selection of weed but I can't remember what weed we had in there however it must have been fairly good as one of us fell off his seat! Had a few drinks including another amazing hot chocolate (loads of cream)! served by a friendly bargirl. Overall a good atmosphere and a nice place to chill for an hour. 8/10
Positive Review Stu from UK. Sent 22 Oct 2006.
I stayed above the Jolly Joker with mates for a few nights and went in there to pick up hash, green and have a few quiet drinks when heavily stoned! The guys in there were really friendly and even gave us a load of free drinks. The weed was pretty good and the hashish was equally decent. I'll deffo go there again if I'm in town.
Positive Review Natasha and Eddie from UK. Visited 1-8 May 05. Sent 24 May 2005.
On our wanderings we came across the Jolly Joker and have to say we were both very impressed - it's got a great location right on the Nieuwmarkt, it's really bright and airy inside, and it's a fantastic spot to watch the world go by, especially in the loft area (here you won't attract as many stares from passing tourists!). We bought a gram of Jack Herer and it was one of the best smokes we had during our stay. We felt comfortable enough to while away a few hours here, and made a point of revisiting it on quite a few occasions. The espressos were great as well. Although they don't sell food, they will allow you to bring your own in, and as there is a little bakery / cheese place right next door, we thought this was pretty cool. Staff were friendly, tho be prepared to be patient if it gets busy in there.
Negative Review BigRu from UK. Sent 25 Mar 2005.
Friendly barman, nice interior but their menu consists of Jack Herer, W.Widow, S.Skunk and Crystal (very original), all bags were pre-weighed. I ordered Crystal and my friend ordered J.Herer. Both clearly marked different but on closer inspection noticed they were the same strain. And both tasted like s**t. When we were there someone who said they had been smoking for 14 years smoked one joint and started to feel ill. Not dizzy but ill. Ran outside and threw up. Visit at your peril.
Positive Review Lisa and Sam from UK. Visited 30/12/04 - 03/01/05. Sent 4 Jan 2005.
Sat at the bar and ordered some Thai weed and coffee. Both very good, nice chilled atmosphere where everyone seemed very happy, yet again amazing coffee!
Positive Review DavesHigh from USA. Sent 4 Jan 2005.
The shop was clean and the staff friendly. Selection was good but not as good as others we visited later in the trip. We made it a nightly stop before bed for a cup of tea and a smoke before heading to bed. All in all worth the visit for smoke and a place to chill out.
Positive Review Claud from Netherlands. Sent 22 Nov 2004.
I like this shop but that's very personally. They sell three different joints: the Thai stick, the hash joint and skunk. The place is nice to sit and smoke a joint while reading a book or play a nice game of backgammon. The people who work here are nice and friendly.
Positive Review Patrick from USA. Visited Oct '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
I love the feeling of this place. As you walk in, you'll notice that there is a small loft in the little place that seats maybe 25 people. And the bar is right in front of you and the menu contains four kinds of bud and hash, and I've tried all of them, and the White Widow and Northern Lights are my favorite. One gram cost 6 euros. Nice laid back feeling and loved to smoke that first joint in the loft next to the big window and look out at Nieuwmarkt place. One of my favorites!
Positive Review Rijn from USA. Sent 16 Oct 2004.
I visit Amsterdam every year and have become a regular here. The staff is always willing to chat and the selection, although limited, covers the most popular varieties at fair prices. Unlike most other shops, the Joker is located off an open court (Niewe Markt) and with its large windows and southern exposure the sun actually makes an appearance once in a while. These windows also are great for people watching. One year I had a great view of the Chinese New Year Dragon Parade and even though it was snowing outside I was nice and warm, enjoying my hot chocolate (and other things) inside.
Positive Review Dumpy & Ginge from UK. Sent 11 Aug 2004.
This is our favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam to sit & chill in. It is small & compact with seating on different levels, (mind the stairs when stoned). The staff are friendly & the music is just right for smoking the last joint of the night before making your way back to your Hotel. We can't speak for the quality of the dope as we have never purchased there, but we do highly recommend a visit because it is somewhere that exceeds the norm.
Positive Review Tom and Clairey from UK. Visited 9 - 12 Aug 2002. Sent 14 Aug 2002.
One of our favourites, not dark but a little tight, the barman was a safe geeza and the whole coffeeshop is well done on the inside. Decent selection of weed and hash.