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Micky W from UK. Sent 18 Oct 2009.
Had never been to Kadinsky before, everytime I have gone to go in, there has been a large queue at the dealers bar, this trip I went there on a Sunday evening, good move, the place was very quiet, ordered a gram of L A Confidential but they were out of it so I got a gram of Big Budda Cheese on recommendation from the bud tender, a fine tasting smoke, real full flavour behaviour! Got me nice and lean as well, the menu was very extensive with all the usual suspects, the staff were also really nice as were the hot chocs we got, I am not surprised it's usually busy as it's a really cool hang out. Top place.
Jason from USA. Sent 2 Jul 2009.
A nice lady was working the counter, she was smoking a fat J. I got Bubble-Gum (dense and fruity) and AK-47 (fluffy, covered in crystals, great) each were 9euro, and I got some top grade Morocco hash for 12 euro.
Stoner Association from UK. Sent 9 Nov 2007.
Quite small but very busy so seating can be limited. Nice place to smoke though.
Pthomas from USA. Sent 22 Oct 2007.
A favorite, good gear, hot chocolate and friendly vibe. The only thing of concern is the stairs, I've seen a few spills, so watch your step after leaving the bathroom.
Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
Great shop, bought space cakes here, but me being high all day and on shrooms, didn't make too much a difference so didn't notice the high. Went here several times, bought Kadinsky special, NYCD. Did the trick. They have 3 levels, a bar area with a TV, an upstairs and downstairs with chairs shaped like boxes.
Paul from USA. Sent 6 Mar 2007.
Very comfortable (3 levels) and made us feel fairly private even though we were in a public place. It was very relaxed. The staff was very friendly.
Tyler H from USA. Sent 21 Jun 2006.
Crystal here was very nice looking smelling and tasting bud with nice high and stone! 10.50/g wasn't cheap at all however. The Nepal Special was black and dense, smells like fruit, nice taste, burns/melts fast 11.50/g. As you can tell, the prices are rather high but the products are fine at least and the place is pretty cool. I met some cool people from Australia here.
Bran from France. Visited 10-13 Nov. Sent 19 Nov 2005.
Very rude waitress, not helpful and disdainful. Seems she was paranoid because it was a little bit crowded. She refuse to serve us just a tea, we had to buy weed! So we left.
Mike Z from USA. Visited April 05. Sent 27 Apr 2005.
Small but very friendly. Went in there for 2 seconds to pick up some rolling papers, went back about 6 hours later and the guy behind the bar remembered me. Had my first Chocomel there.
Jon and Shell from UK. Sent 30 Mar 2005.
This coffeeshop is great! Modern, clean, interior, although the stools are a little uncomfortable, the tunes and the decor are very nice and chilled. Good selection of weed, but I found the menu a little confusing at times. It got very full on the weekend, the staff were very friendly and didn't mind us having a giggle at them!
TrippingOverGod from UK. Sent 6 Feb 2005.
Outstanding. Beautiful blonde bar girl, great decor - just sit at the front and watch the world go by. Best place in 'Dam for a daytime smoke.
Jonathan from USA. Sent 11 Dec 2004.
The "Kadinsky" House Special is a fantastic, super head high. We hit this place on the way to the Van Gogh Museum. Perfect combination. Nice, cozy lounge area up the steep stairs.
Mike from USA/Europe. Sent 15 Nov 2004.
Once my exclusive hang out. But over the last two years it's gotten frightfully corporate, they replaced the cool hand painted window sign with a corporate "logo" which they've attempted to use to "brand" all their shops, I suppose they want to be like the Bull Dog or McDonalds. The hooch has always been pretty good but the vibes have gotten short of hostile. I was even told once that they wouldn't serve me unless I purchased some weed. When I told them that I had just bought a sizable quantity just the day before they let me stay, but at that point I was too bummed to bother.
Geoff and Lynn from UK. Sent 8 Nov 2004.
After trying a few different coffee shops we went into Kadinsy where we found the staff very friendly and very helpful. They even gave me a copy of the menu to bring home to show our friends. Nice selection of hash and marijuana on the menu at reasonable prices. Tried the ready made hash joints which were pretty damn good. A very relaxed atmosphere with dim lights and good music and very nice coffee. This was my favourite coffee shop which was a short distance away from the red light district & no coke dealers to pester you (they are a pain in the dam). We will definitely recommend this place & will go back next year.
Patrick from USA. Visited Oct '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
Walk in and it's split level in the back. Crowded, no seating, and a line! Another wait for 10 minutes. I got the Apple Jack for 7.50 euro a gram. The bud was alright, nothing special. The pretty lady behind the bar was very nice.
Simon from UK. Sent 27 Oct 2004.
What used to be one of my favourite shops has unfortunately gone a bit corporate. For me, the main draw of the shop was its eclectic music selection (think warm fuzzy beats), which have been replaced by commercial nu-dancehall and pop reggae, although still played at a reasonable volume level. I rarely purchased in here (the Kadinsky Special, wasn't really) but was never made to feel unwelcome if I didn't. The last two visits, however, both resulted in high-pressure sales techniques being applied at the drinks counter, along with scowls and rude service upon ordering my 2nd coffee. Although I'm sure everything would have been copacetic if I had purchased their now higher-priced smoke, it's just not the same old Kadinsky that I remember.
Steve from UK. Visited Feb 04. Sent 11 Aug 2004.
Nice relaxed atmo. Liked the upstairs seating area. Drank several coffees and bought some White Widow. Our friends bought a cake (their first) and had eaten it all before the guy behind the bar had time to tell them to eat a little and wait, then eat a little more. They went back to their hotel at 7pm and we didn't see them again until the next morning!
Doody from USA. Visited May 26 - June 7. Sent 20 Jul 2004.
Very laid back shop in a nice part of town, near the Spui. A large window all along the front of the shop where you can sit and watch the activity on the streets was open on my visit. There is a large bar to the right and towards the back, a split level stair case leading to two seating areas. The upper room has wood benches along the walls with nice red lighting behind them, creating a very pleasant effect in the room. Several tables with teak stools to sit on, the bathroom is to the right. The lower room has a low ceiling and booths, as well as table seating, nice lighting once again, and an overall relaxing and chill ambiance. The menu is good, but somewhat pricey, probably due to the location. I tried a "White Widow" pure joint (3.90 euro) with a Redbull, and it was perfect. The overall ambiance is very relaxing, good music, good vibe, the staff was very pleasant, and a mixed crowd. There are several bookstores on the same street, and I got a Dutch 1952 copy of Anne Frank's "Het Achterhuis," from the charming old lady right across from the front door. A good stop when in the area, also close to the infamous "Dampkring".
Rob from USA. Sent 24 Nov 2003.
(9/10): Another one of my favorite shops in the city. The only drawback is one of the guys who works there is a real jerk, but the rest of the staff is so nice. I believe the herb we got there was called Apple Jack and it was #3 on my overall list. Best tasting, and one of the nicest highs. This was probably the best place to meet people, I met all kinds, specifically three vacationing couples from Sweden, America, and France. In any event great place to sit, smoke, oh and the space cake here was also very, very good.
Rhys from UK. Visited 27, 28 Sept 03. Sent 30 Sep 2003.
On the Saturday of our trip we were struggling, Barney's Sweet Tooth has already sent us back to the hotel, De Kuils Creeper haze almost finished us off so we decided to get some space cake and go back to the hotel... we wandered for a bit and found Kadinsky just round the corner from our hotel... we got a couple of slices of chocolate (5 euro variety) and went back home. We had half a slice each and were pretty unimpressed so we had another half a slice and a joint. This really did the trick.... We were really stoned... drifting from hysterics to unconscious and back again for a good 5 hours.... top Cake Kadinsky. On the Sunday we went in for a smoke and some more of that lovely cake.... Adam's Apple described as an explosive high, they weren't kidding and a lovely taste to boot. It's also quite a comfortable shop, although carrying coffee down the little steps can be a bit of a challenge.
Robert from UK. Sent 18 Feb 2003.
Another very nice cafe well worth visiting. Found this whilst clothes shopping just over from the Herengracht canal. needed a still joint and drink after shopping with my girlfriend all morning and the Kadinsky did not disappoint.
Pedro from USA. Sent 26 Feb 2002.
First time there. Liked the specials. Great selection.
Lord KC33 from UK.
The menu in Kadinsky's is very good quality...the hashish there is supreme, and the people there most friendly.
Jason from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2000.
Kadinsky was reasonably busy during the day when we were there. It has a somewhat dated decoration but comfortable seats and plays good music, (house and techno). Of all the coffee shops that I visited during this trip to Amsterdam, I was most pleasantly surprised by Kadinsky. It is not much to look at but had everything I was looking for: clean, comfortable surroundings and good music. I didn't check their cannabis menu and the decor is nothing special but it was comfortable and it was playing, what was for me, decent music. Many of the better decorated places aren't very comfortable at all. I guess stoners don't spend a huge amount of money with them and they want to encourage a reasonable turn-over of people. Music is a very personal thing and in many of the coffeeshops I visited it was, for me, at best, pleasant background noise. At Kadinsky, it actually made a positive contribution to my mood, if that doesn't sound too pretentious!