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Kadinsky 2

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Kadinsky 2
coffee shop Kadinsky 2, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Kadinsky 2 Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Neutral Review Zack from Canada. Sent 11 Aug 2007.
Very small shop that was always packed. They were out of stock of everything I wanted so I tried some Red Desert Haze (or something like that) which the nice girl behind the counter gave me a deal on due to their shortage of bud. Nice mellow high but not the best place to stay and smoke. 6/10
Positive Review Dav from Scotland. Sent 8 Apr 2006.
I found this place to be very relaxing, albeit a little bit on the small side. The weed and hash was pretty darn good and at a reasonable price too. I tried out their Green Papaya, White Russian, and AK47 weed, all of which were excellent quality, great tasting, nicely cured buds! They only had Moroccan Cream hashish in stock, but it was still some of the nicest hash I have smoked! Kadinsky was my starting and finishing point each day. I found the staff to be very welcoming and helpful too. Although something was strange with the coffee cups - thru the daytime there was a really pretty lady behind the bar, I asked her for a gram of weed and a coffee and she gave me this tiny little cup of coffee. Seriously, there was only about 1 mouthful of coffee in these retarded cups but when I went back at nighttime it was a guy behind the bar and when I asked for my weed and coffee from him he gave me a regular sized cup for the same price I was charged earlier on in the day? Other than the minute cups of coffee, I found this place to be one of the nicest/friendliest coffeeshops I visited while in Amsterdam. I will definitely be revisiting Kadinsky when I return to Amsterdam that's for sure!
Positive Review Doctor Jim from Canada. Visited Oct 22-29. Sent 25 Dec 2005.
A good night bar. No smoking menu, you have to go across the street to the coffeeshop. Shop had a good menu and nice girls dealing. Silver Haze was excellent. The bar has a nice mellow vibe and is great to chill over a few beers.
Positive Review Darren M from UK. Sent 6 Dec 2005.
Wandered in this tiny little shop first of all as it was just a stones throw from our hotel (it's actually situated in a quiet little back street next to Dam Square). Had heard mixed reviews but was really happy with the weed and the vibe. Two locals sat in there happily reading their newspaper puffing away. As there was six of us we bought some green and were advised we could get a beer in their bar opposite. This turned out to be our stop off point on the way home most nights/early mornings. Chilled vibes & lighting with decent dub & reggae playing in the day and more of a Jazz flavour in the evening. Bar staff chilled and accommodating, would definitely recommend if you are close to Dam Square. My advice, if there are a few of you, get the table on the right as you walk in. Skins & roach in glass on table and definitely best seat in the house.
Positive Review Troy from USA. Sent 13 Aug 2004.
We stopped off here several times and loved the place. The girl behind the bar had no problems plugin our camera batteries in to the house power to charge. That is service. The beer was cold and slightly pricey but screw it you planned to spend money right, for a cannabis bar I loved the classy atmosphere well done up style comfy and nice tables by the windows. I highly recommend this place as long as it is not too crowded it rocks. Great bathroom clean too. The little Dutch restaurant across the ally is a worthy deal on food too. Near shopping and Atm's classy deco man.
Positive Review Laurie and Wendy from USA. Visited Mar 04. Sent 9 Apr 2004.
I would give this place this highest grade possible. The girl working in there, as we first came in, was very helpful, directing us to the AK-47 pure rolled. Her choice of music was wonderful, she kept the music just right for the atmosphere of the people there at the time. The espresso was some of the best I've ever had. The next person that took over her shift was equally as wonderful.
Positive Review Geoff from USA. Sent 24 Jul 2003.
I went there twice, actually. On each occasion I had only about 15 minutes. There the pricing is by the gram, and you can buy in one or five gram increments, or the bar tender will weigh to the monetary amount you wish to spend. Also weed and hash joints are available pre-rolled for 3 euros apiece. This proved very convenient since I had to walk back to central station the second time I was there and did not have much time. Anyway, it was very small, but pleasant. Opens 10:00 am. Very friendly and helpful service.
Neutral Review Pete and Stu from UK. Sent 20 Jul 2003.
Hmm... didn't like this place too much. It was far too small, and not very comfortable, but the atmosphere was OK. There's nothing special about the place at all, except the the 'menu' is excellent. Like someone said above, we were told that you need to buy weed/hash to stay there, which is a pretty shitty policy but we needed some anyway so we did. Basically, I'd recommend going in here to score, then leaving and going elsewhere to smoke it.
Positive Review Greg BP from England. Sent 16 Jul 2003.
This was our first coffee shop this visit, just off the main Damrak strasse Kadinskey is split in to two shops. The initial stop is a small coffee shop in which their 'menu' is kept. I only stayed here to buy my weed and hash, as the room is tiny and was full of locals who were friendly. In my opinion Kadinsky's has the best 'Menu' and the finest weed in the whole of Amsterdam. The weed dealer was soo nice she showed me the best of her buds (heheheh) and recommended what I was going to choose anyhow.. the AK47.. and hashish I chose Nepalese Himalayan.. AK47 5g was 30.80 euros and Nepalese was 12 per g. The AK47 was the only weed of the whole trip to give me the 'Yeah I'm stoned and lovin it in Amsterdam' feeling. We sat in kadinsky's bar across the alley from the coffee shop, a very nice, clean well presented place with a big screen, great music and comfy stools. This is a great place to look out the large window and watch the world go by. I highly recommend visiting this tucked away little place.
Negative Review Zel from Scotland. Visited July 2002. Sent 13 Jun 2003.
I was told that one HAD to purchase hash/weed to stay in the coffeeshop, purchase of a drink was not enough. I had been going to "Front Page" since about 1995 and had never come across this policy. I decided not to stay, and left.
Positive Review Jon.
Personally, I think a lot of older folks like to have a place to go where the weed is good, and the atmosphere is chill. Well, anyway, I thought the "Front Page" was great for this. To start the grass was incredible. Not only that but a great price too, 12.50 guilders for a gram of the top-shelf Jack Herer etc. Then they had great espresso. One of the best I had in Amsterdam. On top of that, there was a quiet game of chess going on and some people doing drawings. Music was down tempo beats, very good stuff.