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Kadinsky 3

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Kadinsky 3
coffee shop Kadinsky 3, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Kadinsky 3 Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Sdavid from USA. Sent 13 Jan 2009.
I purchased a gram on NY Diesel, a gram of Nepalese hash and a pure Dutch grass 5 joint pack and one latte and a cappuccino. The Diesel tasted overly chemically as if had not been properly leeched before harvest. The high was fair, not overpowering, but not disorienting. The hash was pretty good, peppery yet slightly flowery, and it was very black and took bit of work to become pliable. The staff was a very pretty lady with a thick Dutch accent and the environment was light. A funny bit was there was no cigarette, tobacco, smoking but they had a cigarette machine in the upstairs lounge.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 24 Jul 2008.
This is a very small shop with a very big menu, especially in the hasj department. The wiet is very good as well, but specialize in foreign hasj. The one room shop has padded seating all around the room and two tables, one in the front window which is very large, actually a great little hang if it isn't already taken. The large windows in front let in alot of light which is nice, they were playing Reggae and Electronica music while I was there. There is a TV for sports, and a great drink selection. Nice overall ambiance for more of a "take-out" type of place. The wiet counter is in the back and the bud tender was very accommodating. I see some people have complained about the staff being rude, but I had a completely different experience. The guy working there when I visited greeted me with a smile and a hello, he then asked me what I was looking for, I said hasj and he showed me the "Caramello" and told me I had to try it. This stuff was amazing dark hasj at 13e a gm., very soft and pliable, peppery and sweet in smell, just an uplifting buzz, top notch! It wasn't really crowded at all, so the budtender rolled me a killer spliff, which he even said they never do. Great place for hasj, even if just for a take-out stop. There is a great, classic brown bar just down the street called "t' Dokteretje", the "smallest" bar in Amsterdam, and a great sushi place nearby as well.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
It isn't that I loved the place, or that the weed was overwhelming, or even fairly priced. But I have this recurring illness, with no symptoms except extreme, violent vomiting. Of course, it flared up the day before departure. I puked three times just in the airplane shitter from Detroit to Amsterdam - ever stuck your head in one of those fuckers? I tossed a few more times after somehow willing myself to our apartment on Oudezijds Voorburgwal, right around the corner from Kadinsky. Mrs. C.J., meantime, was seeing our first trip to Amsterdam falling into illness-induced disaster. Like I said, this is recurring, and Mrs. C.J. doesn't suffer this shit gladly anymore, especially under these conditions. After three hours stuck in the apartment, me barfing and Mrs. C.J. fortunately sleeping off the jet lag, I willed myself to roust her and try the 100-meter walk to Kadinsky. One gram of E9.75 Hawaiian Haze in a pure joint and about a half-hour walk in the rain-freshened afternoon air later, and I never felt sick again for the rest of a two-week trip. For that, our first Amsterdam coffeeshop forever has a soft spot in our hearts.
Positive Review Choice Cuts from UK. Visited 14 Jan 05. Sent 19 Jan 2005.
A coffeeshop I have visited before on my previous 2 weekends in Amsterdam. A better place to buy hash rather than weed, I have found with a fairly extensive menu of imported hash to support that. Not the most comfy place but worth a visit to buy, perhaps smoke a quick pipe or two, then wander elsewhere.
Positive Review Patrick from USA. Visited Oct '04. Sent 6 Nov 2004.
I've visited this shop twice, and had a great experience both times. As you walk in, there are small tables to the left, and a huge window to look out at. I got the AK-47. This weed messed me up! I mean like dazed and confused shit! I sat down and talked to a man from Massachusetts, USA. And then we turned the TV on to CNN, and an hour conversation between he, the girl behind the counter, and I talked about the election. It was great! Mad props to the nice, cute girl behind the counter.
Negative Review Andy from UK. Visited Jul/Aug 04. Sent 23 Aug 2004.
Assholes! Were rude when we walked in immediately, refusing to serve us what we wanted and just being stubborn. We got a coke each and a gram of J.Herrer then went upstairs alone. I went back down to get another coke and a hash cake and I gave the guy a 50 euro note and he gave me change from a 20 note. I told him so and he said "really? Are you sure?" "Yeah..." I said. So he gave me the correct change. I told my mate, we finished up and walked straight out not saying anything, and as we went out the door a couple of them shouted some things in (presumably) Dutch. Whaddya do?
Negative Review Zel from Scotland. Visited October 2002. Sent 13 Jun 2003.
Removed my bag, jacket, hat etc, all being watched by the guy behind the bar I would point out, only to be told as I asked for a coffee, that I had to buy hash/weed to get a coffee!!! I have not returned.
Positive Review Mike from USA. Visited Christmas 2001. Sent 4 Mar 2002.
I was in Amsterdam, for 5 days, last Christmas (2001). I had downloaded an entire list of coffeeshops to check out. Around the corner from my hotel was the Cum Laude coffeeshop. It's rating was so low, that I didn't intend to go there. but, one afternoon, I was walking past, and smelled the aroma of Orange Bud ...had to check it out. Yep! It's small! And the selection isn't large either, but they have top quality at a competitive price. It's a neighborhood shop...most of the clientel were locals. When I go abroad, I like to hang with people that live there and learn something about the place. So I made this one my "home coffeeshop" where I had my morning and afternoon espresso. The people that work there are quite knowledgable about all their products and can help you with your selection. They're cool to talk with, as well. This is a totally comfortable shop. Beware of the "A'dams Apple"....I almost walked into a canal during a rain storm.