Eerste Kamer

coffeeshop in Leiden
Reviews of Eerste Kamer Number of Positive Reviews 5 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Rockhound from UK sent 10 Sep 2017
Visited here for the first time Friday 8 September 2017. Guy behind the counter very helpful. 5g Sensi Spirit weed, 40 euros, very laid back stone, yum yum. No coffee available though. Recommended!
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 26 Jun 2012
Always stop here straight after maxing my 5g in Double AA! Same owners, same good quality weed and hash. No smoking indoors.
Positive Review Tony from UK sent 23 Jun 2011
Easy to find, clean, corporate almost clinical shop with proper tills. Seemed to be mostly locals. An American sounding chap working behind the till, though all the bud-tenders seemed knowledgeable and friendly. Sorry that Rob had such a bad experience, one of those days. Selection seemed pretty ample, though I just asked for the type of thing I was after (some nice, happy, euphoric green) and I got some. Would go back when next in Leiden. Opens Sundays. Prices reasonable. No atmosphere for smoking, more of a buy-and-smoke-elsewhere.
Positive Review Mancaddick from UK sent 27 Nov 2008
On a busy street as other reviewers have commented. I have always found the guys friendly and helpful. Nice weed. Wouldn't really sit down for a smoke here though.
Negative Review Rob from Netherlands sent 5 Jul 2007
This shop is located at one of the busiest streets in Leiden, there is room for about 30 people inside, a pinball machine and photoplay console is the available entertainment. There's a variety of weed and hashish, being sold in any amount over 5 euros as you wish, with a clear list displaying price, potency and some additional info. The price/quality rating is okay, but certainly not above average. Last week I've visited this shop again, and I'm quite sure I'll never set foot in there again. Never ever before have I been treated so rudely by someone who intends to sell something! While I was ordering, a friend of mine was waiting a couple of meters away from the counter. But for some reason they wanted to see his ID while they were taking my order. He wasn't paying attention, so he didn't hear what he was being asked. He replied "what did you say?" on his turn the 'salesman' replied with just a 'what!?' leading my friend to be confused and reply with a 'what, what?? :S' this was enough reason for the 2nd employee to, out of the blue, join the conversation with nothing more then a 'don't be such a smartmouth, go fuck yourself. Get lost, now!' Obviously we just walked out (I had not paid or received my order yet) without further argument as we were both quite stunned by the completely uncalled for aggression (bare in mind that these 2 'kids' were certainly no older then we were, so our reply wasn't out of place, as it would have been probably to someone twice our age orso).
Positive Review Chris from Wales sent 9 Apr 2005
Best weed Nevilles Haze.
Neutral Review Pieter from Netherlands sent 4 Apr 2004
A nice, popular shop close to Double A.