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Kashmir Lounge

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Reviews of Kashmir Lounge Number of Positive Reviews 12 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Storske from UK. Sent 2 Mar 2010.
Me and my friend Paddy went to the Kashmir Lounge after walking straight past it previously into another coffee shop which is on the street, Coffee Shop 96. It was a dark and dingy coffee shop but when we went it was late at night, there was a few tables as we walked in with guys rolling up. There was a fantastic selection of hashes such as Super pollen 9E per G and Iceolator 20E per G there was at least 10 hashes on the menu and a few types of green. I purchased the super pollen and it was great I had to pull it apart into littler bits to smoke it and it got you very very stoned. It was a smooth smoke and a good high, I would like to say that for its location I thought that it would be a lot cheaper but the quality was excellent. Previously before going here I was under the impression that they did "mega deals" but when I went there and my friend spoke to the guy at the counter that they hadn't for a while.
Positive Review Sylvan from Netherlands. Sent 25 Sep 2007.
Kashmir Lounge have bought coffeeshop Jan Piet, directly opposite, which now solely sells the 'goods', whilst the original Kashmir Lounge now practically is a bar, which can serve beers, play they same good music (some minimal-techno, reggae, mellow) and stay open till 3!
Positive Review Julie from Scotland. Sent 27 Jun 2007.
Set on a quiet leafy street, this coffeeshop proved to be a haven from the uncomfortable, noisy and wee shops that dominate Amsterdam. After negotiating our way onto a no 1 bus, we eventually found it and it was definitely worth the effort. The hashes were superb, the staff were very chilled and friendly and the decor was very cool indeed. Out of all of the shops we visited this was the best for comfiness, I could have stayed there for hours and hours. Come to think of it, we did!
Positive Review Rangnath from UK. Sent 7 Jun 2007.
I'm a neat pipe, hash smoker and they had some really nice Manali as well as some good quality Moroccan and a good time was had. Always worth the time on the tram to get there from wherever you are.
Positive Review Cathleen from USA. Sent 6 Aug 2005.
We did not purchase anything here because we had too much gear already. I really liked the décor though (Middle Eastern) and the comfy couch at the front of the shop was just the perfect place to enjoy a smoke.
Positive Review Mike and John. Visited 7-10 Feb. Sent 11 Feb 2005.
Took the 17 tram out to this coffeeshop. Well worth the journey and really nice to get out of town. The layout is good with floor cushions, seating and lots of little dark cubbyholes. We brought 'Citrus' 6.00 e for 1g. Good deal and quality smoke, also some Kashmir Black 3.50e 1g, which proved to be good eating hash. Would recommend to make the effort to go out.
Positive Review Fletch from UK. Sent 24 Nov 2004.
One of the best coffee shops in Holland! Wicked weed & hash, great music, comfortable seating, very friendly staff and chilled atmosphere. What more do you need for a prefect time?
Positive Review Elton from England. Sent 27 Oct 2004.
Situated in the leafy, relaxed suburbs of Vondelpark and well worth the walk out of town. With a Moroccan and Turkish restaurant close by and many delicatessens, bakers, and cheeseshops on the way, it is as much a gourmet's pilgrimage as that of a smoker. Consistently fine espresso, good service and eclectic music (Ennio Morricone's theme from 'once upon a time in the west' following on from electronic body music?). A beautiful area of town which seems to be trapped in a permanent mood of Sunday afternoons with a superb coffeeshop. Highly rated!
Positive Review Niz from UK. Sent 1 Mar 2004.
Kashmir Lounge is always the first coffeeshop we head to after checking in at the hotel. Situated in the Oud West district along Jan Pieter Heijestraat, this place is a jewel to find in a pleasant but unremarkable part of town. As the name suggests, Kashmir Lounge is decked out in a kinda eastern/Indian meets Glastonbury sorta way. Brass candle lit lanterns hang from the ceiling while the bar and alcoves are warmly lit by red glass tealights. Nice chilled grooves, played along with some dub while we were there, added fittingly to the vibe that this place gives off. Menu isn't the most varied that you are likely to encounter but the weed is, in my experience, pretty damn good. Last trip bought Eidleweiss, which was enjoyed immensely, but the Ketama hash that was sampled was somewhat disappointing. However, here we are again and this time I purchase, from the very affable young dealer, some gorgeous smelling Citral. After ordering coffee (excellent incidentally) we sat at the bar and smoked said weed in a spliff. Faint lemon taste, nicely cured so smoked beautifully, uplifting high. Decent price. All smiles, as we tipped girl working the bar, before stepping out into very bright sunlight. Love this place to bits.
Positive Review Dom from UK. Sent 29 Sep 2003.
I like the fact it's out of town - well into the Indian/Moorish/Middle Eastern decor and really laid back vibe in here - If you wanna get wasted and chill with your pals for an afternoon this is the place. Quality.
Positive Review Rafael from France. Sent 31 Aug 2003.
A bit far from center, but it worth it, if you want a place to lay back for long time, this is the place !!!! I haven t taste the weed just one hash but both don't seem to be very special, I recommend you to come with your weed and hash and if you have got nothing there is a small coffeeshop just in front who sells very cheap weed (I bought a not extraordinary but not bad powerplant at 3 grams for 10 € ! ). Now this coffeeshop is one I’ll do at each trip I'll make to A'dam.
Positive Review TG from UK. Sent 29 Aug 2003.
It was a bit of a hike to get there but it was my own fault for walking as the number 1 tram stops nearby! There was an entrance area with seats and as I headed through the doors I was taken aback by the layout and decor of the place. It was quite dark inside but the theme was Arabian with massive scatter cushions laid out everywhere and lots of little coves with people chilling and lounging out. The bar is in the middle of the place and you can walk all the way round. The menu was good and they had some strains that I had not seen anywhere else. I bought a gram of Santa Maria for about 7 euros and I found a seat near the dj booth to relax and enjoy it in. The weed was really nice but I struggled to smoke the joint I had made as it was pretty strong stuff. The surroundings were perfect however as I lay back on one of the cushions and just took it all in!! They have an open door policy for dj's where if you contact them before hand they will let you do a set. The music while I was in there was funky house but not too up-tempo to spoil the chilled vibe. I really liked the Kashmir lounge - the weed was good, the layout was amazing and the atmosphere was friendly and chilled. Definitely make the effort to go to this place, you won't be disappointed!
Positive Review Holf from UK. Sent 21 Oct 2001.
It is a fair distance from the centre, perhaps a good 40-50mins by foot. However it is well worth it. The place is dark, mysterious, beautifully decorated with Indian / Kashmiri furniture and art, friendly, comfortable (there are chill areas with large, soft floor cushions and low tables), there is a bar if you want beer with you blow and some of the finest hash I have ever smoked. The Kashmir lounge is a hash specialist (I think one or two token grasses on the menu) and re-awoke my faith in the old solids... their SuperPollen is the highest high imaginable - I expected it to put me to sleep... instead it shot me into the smile-iest, bubbliest waking dream.