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Positive Review Jessica sent 24 Feb 2023
I love this coffeeshop! Wide range of strains, good value and a chilled atmosphere. I returned to the shop multiple times over my stay in Amsterdam, as it was my favourite! Thank you to the Katsu staff for being so welcoming!
Negative Review Magda from Scotland (Amsterdam resident) sent 21 Jul 2020
The way I was treated yesterday in Katsu I told the staff I will never come there again! Firstly, the blonde Dutchwoman with a cap humiliated me in a loud voice by saying that "you always seem to need special treatment because you're spilling your drink or passing out all the time" in front of the whole bar. This after she had been calling to me while I was upstairs in the toilet after making my purchase yesterday. In the 15 years I have been a customer of Katsu, I spilled my drink once (yesterday), and I never ever passed out. One time recently I did feel faint (but I remained completely conscious and didn't do anything like throwing up, even though that Dutchwoman was practically hustling me outside and insisting on setting a garbage bag beside me outside for my nonexistent vomit! Then, when I tried to tell her yesterday how she had embarrassed me, she told me she was too busy, playing with a customer's dog! When she finally deigned to ask me what was wrong, she lied about what she had said to me earlier! (and I was entirely sober when I entered the shop). Her eventual response was 'doei' (goodbye). But I was not going anywhere as I had a drink and a joint at that point. Though I really wished I could leave instantly because I felt so embarrassed and angry. I tried to speak to the American longhaired man who floats about the place. His response was to direct me to the Dutchwoman. And to demand that I "sit down as this is the law"! In fact I later checked the new Covid rules for coffeeshops online and this is not the law! Nevertheless I sat the whole time because he said so, even though the small wooden barstool was cutting off circulation in my legs until my feet went numb! I usually prefer to stand because of this. In addition, both staff insisted on communicating with me in English the whole time despite that my spoken Dutch is perfectly sufficient. After this, I even had to empty my own ashtray, since the Dutchwoman avoided my table entirely in the 2 hours I remained there. I also heard her trying to get male strangers to share my table ('everyone has to share') without asking me if this was ok. This made me feel very uncomfortable. A truly horrible evening. Next time I will sit in the park for free. At least there I can choose who will sit next to me!
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 10 Jun 2019
One of the best coffeeshops in town.
Positive Review Dave from UK visited 9/1/18; sent 15 Jan 2018
Beautiful little shop in trendy area away from central. Wonderfully decorated, good quality weed, chilled atmosphere, good music too - Hendrix and Stones. Bought 1 gram Sour Diesel - smooth, decent smoke 10 Euros. I like this place because it seems principally to value the whole concept of the coffeeshop - a relaxed little place to smoke some grass, not a rip-off joint (no pun intended) like some. It's an hours walk from RLD/central but you can catch 24 tram from central - get off at de Pijp (5 stops). Worth a trip and there's lots of bars, cafes and more coffeeshops in the area.
Positive Review sNc from Wales sent 16 Apr 2017
Very cool shop. Older lady BT, classic abrupt Dutch service but not rude. Bought 0.9g Black Widow Haze. Decent high and taste compared to most shops. Amnesia at similar price. Hash is supposed to be good here.
Negative Review Memlock from UK (expat) sent 8 Sep 2015
Got 2 trams out to this one from my home. What a waste, all the bud was dead! I got a buzz, but 5 different buds and they had no taste or smell, on any of it! Got the Headband, dead, Purple Haze, dead, Black Widow, dead, and 2 others, can't remember what but the weed was dead. Gave it a try coz I liked the look of the menu, some good strains I thought. But nah, once bitten twice shy. Seen a similar review, so for me, this shop is dead!
Positive Review Urban Hippy from UK sent 20 Nov 2012
I visited 4 times during my stay near museumplain (an easy 10 mins walk with only 1 turn). The music was a good mix of easy listening, light rock, some Dutch and (but not to much) reggae. Always a friendly welcome and warm, helpful staff. Fairly priced for weed and drinks. The customers were a very good mix of locals and tourists. The Black Widow was recommended as both a fast, strong and hard hitting high, also as the budtender's favorite; it was a good choice indeed and ticked all boxes. The ladder to the toilets may be a bit daunting for some. Weed = 8/10, Atmosphere = 9/10, Price = 8/10
Positive Review Batorsk-international from Netherlands sent 15 Jun 2010
I like to call this place 'old school' mainly because they have pre-rolled reefer joints. An extensive menu of weed and hash plus a special menu with special prices for set amounts of both. Something to satisfy every taste from sativa, indicas and sativa/indicas. Here everyone that works there knows the product very well. Genuinely and DTE (down-to-earth) friendly. Many locals and regulars, like myself who pop in and out several times a day for a coffee, a smoke and a chat with the locals and a few new and returning tourists. Good mix of music and the free usage of bongs and pipes with a purchase. T-shirts, papers, grinders. Small so get there early if you want to sit and enjoy. My advice: be open and willing to talk with people during your 'weed rants'. We Dutch are open, friendly but dignified people and not stupid by any means. Always leave your negative energy or attitude at the hotel and enjoy the laid-back liberal mentality of Amsterdam.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 13 Apr 2010
One of the best all over Netherlands. I think the biggest variety. Expensive shop but worth every euro you give! Highly recommended!
Positive Review DeathRowRecords from UK sent 13 Sep 2009
Not the biggest but a huge menu and good selection of bongs, vaporisers etc. Black Widow at 20Euros for 1.8g was possibly the strongest weed we tried, great taste and indica hit - 'brutal' as the description on the menu states. Orange bud at 10 Euros for 1.4g a mellow high. Came back and bought 1.6g of the NLX+ Special, top of the line weed yet again on a par with the Black Widow. Great product and location near the Albert Cuyp market.
Positive Review Seebass from England visited 08/02/06; sent 4 Jan 2007
Amazing place to go if u want good weed. It's not too far from Rembrandtsplein and definitely worth the walk. My friend told me to go here as he went there and found the Black Widow the best. I went there and tried and believe me it is chronic which is not always the case with Dutch bud.
Positive Review Deano from England sent 10 Nov 2006
My friend and I explored this area of town one day and Katsu was the first coffee shop we discovered. Small but extremely cosy shop, served good coffee and hash menu was extensive and cheap compared to the centre. Bought 2.00grams of Moroccan ice which the bud maid applauded as a good choice, fine hasjh. After sitting at the counter for a few minutes all the locals seemed to be coming in for Super Skunk they seemed to know something so I bought some, great weed and shop one of best finds on trip.
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
This year the choice was small, many grades on the menu, but most of the interesting ones were sold out. Stayed for an hour and smoked the Super Afghaan we bought (10€/1,2g) which was too expansive for its quality, but with nice taste and some Silverpearl Haze (20€/2,2g) which was ok.
Positive Review Fluff from USA sent 29 Jul 2006
Katsu is a nice shop with some strong buds at a reasonable price. The girl at the counter was very nice and lent me a nice clean bong to use. Some nice restaurants in the area.
Positive Review Doody from USA sent 28 Oct 2005
One of the best! The "Killer Green" is only sold in 2.2 gm., 20 euro baggies, but it is well worth it!
Positive Review AzLaker from USA visited 10/20; sent 24 Oct 2005
Arrived early afternoon after hitting the Albert Cup Market. Great staff, especially the lady behind the counter. Asked to use the bong and she really took the time to clean it, before giving it to me. Bought a gram of NL's Special. Very nice! Hung out before going to the Heineken Brewery.
Positive Review Neil from UK visited Feb 05; sent 23 Sep 2005
I didn't discover Katsu until my sixth visit to Amsterdam, and I'm convinced it's the best coffeeshop I've been to. The Northern Lights Special+ is a great smoke, I liked it so much I didn't try anything else, but I will next time. The service is good and friendly, I'm not usually a coffee drinker but they do it damn well in Katsu. They played good music not too loud and there were a few locals reading, chatting, playing chess, nice atmosphere.
Positive Review Yank from USA visited 9 July; sent 20 Jul 2005
Great little shop, with good hash mistress; but with a bug eyed sidekick who is wound just a little tight. Shot one pic there, the skull on the sigs machine, and was preparing to picture his camera, imbedded in the wall overlooking our chill table by the window and door. Bug eyes came up from the bar area and declared photo forbidden. This is the first time any shop gave me hassles for taking a pic or two, also it is the first shop that I didn't ask if it was ok to take pictures. Anyway, great yummy hash and an especially good run of Amnesia Haze.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
One of my favourite shops and I only paid 1 visit here so far. Quite a large menu for such a small shop and I was more than happy with the Northern Lights +, White Snake and Crystal Clear ice-o-later. The ice-o-later had a very unique high which was worth the wait after having to put it in the freezer of the hotel mini-bar in order to stop the plastic sticking to it. Very welcoming staff on this occasion aswell as friendly locals who were propping up the bar. Also had a good pinball machine. Looking forward to re-visiting on my next trip.
Positive Review John from UK sent 8 Mar 2005
What a place. Friendly locals and top weed, prices little expensive, tried the Sulu (black) really creamy taste recommended by the lady behind the counter and also the S.A.G.E. that was really nice.
Positive Review Andy from UK visited 27-30 Jan; sent 13 Feb 2005
Katsu was my personal fave, just for being soooo chilled.
Positive Review Keith from Ireland sent 8 Feb 2005
Katsu has a really extensive menu. I only tried two different types, Diesel Skunk and Haze and both of them knocked me out. It really does the job! Also a very relaxed place to chill out with a vapouriser down the back.
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 19 Nov 2004
Katsu has great weed. This time I tried the Kali Mist and I really liked it. Nice conversation with the locals too. That's where I learned that the place with the great fish tank had been closed down, and that De Kuil has a ton of Frank Zappa in the boom box.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 21 Jul 2004
Smallish, but comfy shop located in de Pijp section of the city, less than a block from the Albert Cuyp Markt. Felt comfortable there as soon as we walked in. Kind of a planty, hippy feel to the place. Played Stones/Pink Floyd era music at nice volume. Good stuff. Nice selection of teas w/ honey jar. One of those windy, narrow stairways that tell you you're in Nederland up to the clean bathrooms. Friendly staff and clientele. Big communal table where the regulars seemed to sit and discuss the news, and a few smaller tables. A pinball machine. A top of the lister for Amsterdam. Oh yeah, the stuff they sell got me nicely ripped.
Positive Review Doody from USA visited May 26 - June 7; sent 20 Jul 2004
A must visit! In a great part of town, half the adventure is just getting there through the Albert Cuyp Market. As you enter the smaller size shop there is a room filled with plants and one large table with chairs, then stairs that go down to the bar section, where there are many stool seats at the counter, and tables around the walls, with a low, but cozy ceiling. The menu is at the counter there, a very extensive and high quality one at that. I recommend the Silver Pearl Haze, which at 7.50 euro a gram, is one of the best deals in town! I also got a "Mixed-Haze" pre-rolled joint for 3 euros, good price, it really did the trick later on. The hash at Katsu has earned a reputation, and now I know why. I tried the "Crystal Clear" and it was a whole new experience for me, a must try for the advanced smoker. The staff and patrons were very friendly, and the ambiance is simple, but very relaxing. I had a great time chatting with the all Dutch group that was in front, at the big table. They were playing some good rock, Pink Floyd, etc., and they have pinball as well as other video games, a good bonus. The bathroom is up a tiny little stair case, be careful. Lots of drink choices, including delicious cappuccinos. One of the best shops in town on every level, don't miss it!
Positive Review J.C. from USA sent 6 May 2004
I love this place. Had some Haze 1, and that was great, a total classic. Tried some Blueberry Special too, I don't know why, I should have gone with what everyone else was getting, the Golden Sage. But I tried that last trip so I figured I'd try something new. Katsu is special because they take the time to do a nice cure. They know what they're doing. I also tried the King Hassan hash, and that was a real treat. Cool people hanging out in there too. Can't say enough good things about Katsu.
Positive Review Matt from Wales visited 03/02/04; sent 4 Feb 2004
This is easily my favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Previous times I have gone in and bought their justifiably famous hash to take away, but this time I spent a good while in there having a smoke with someone I had met that day and with the dude working there. Two warnings: Crystal Clear is dangerous stuff (and see-through!), and the guy working there won't rest till you are wasted! A nice chilled atmosphere, the friendliest staff and unquestionably the best hash money can buy - what more can you ask for? One last point, if you haven't had their water hash before, ask for help unwrapping it otherwise you might end up messing it up like I did!
Positive Review Michael from Austria sent 16 Nov 2003
The best coffeeshop of Amsterdam. In contrast to all the famous shops like Greenhouse, Dampkring etc. the Katsu doesn't impress with the decor, it's impressing with the very high grade weed and hash. The Water Hash is really kickin you down if you don't smoke very often. Ask my friend. The customers of the Katsu are mostly Dutch. Rating: very good
Positive Review John M. from UK sent 18 Jun 2003
We went in here after a morning strolling up and down the Albert Cuyp Market with my wife and her girlfriends and my mates, was a gorgeous day and quite hot and needed a drink, sit down and a smoke went inside, it looked larger than it did from outside and was reasonably empty so we all sat near the back of the shop where it seemed cooler. Bought some drinks and checked out there menu, seemed quite expensive but when I tried the weed and hash I could see why, bought some NYC Diesel and some Super Afghan and rolled up a FAT cocktail. This stuff was some of the best I had this trip real clear high, my mates who aren't heavy smokers got baked off about 4 puffs each which meant more for me. Had comfortable seats, pinball and friendly staff, also have a vaporiser for use and I did was like smoking air so smooth and hits hard luuverly.
Positive Review J.C. from USA visited Mar 20-27, 2003; sent 24 Apr 2003
This place is a little out of the way, and very small, but the weed was fantastic. I kept hearing how rude the staff was to other folks, so I was a little intimidated about it at first, but I was very pleasantly surprised. They were great to us, and there were a lot of locals there who seemed to be as comfortable as we were. The Sage was fantastic and very intriguing. It had a citrus/lemon scent that was truly one of a kind. It was a very nice smoke. Again, I really wished I had more time to go back there and try some of the other stuff.
Positive Review K.C. from USA visited 3/12-3/18; sent 21 Mar 2003
On Saturday afternoon, on a beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam, I made my way on foot to Katsu near the Albert Cuyp market. It took me 2 and a half hours to get there (from the Spui area), but I got lost a few times. When I arrived, I knew that it was all worth it. One look at Katsu's crazy menu and I knew that I would be spending a lot of money. I indeed did. The lady at the counter knew I was a tourist as soon as I walked in. I sensed a slight amount of negativity, but as soon as I started ordering a ton of stuff (and all the "right" varieties), I think she grew to accept and like me. I did stand out a little, since most of the people there were 35+ in age. Anyways, on to the weed. First off, the Haze #1, which is supposed to be a pure Haze (which I doubt) was the best herb I got in Amsterdam in my week there. The almost pure Haze delivers such a distinct clean Sativa high that I forgot it was just weed. And the superb spicy flavor is like eating exotic fine foods, it's crazy. Amazinginly grown and cured stuff. I decided I had to try the famed crystal clear hash. At 12 euros for a very small amount (about the size of 3 american 25cent pieces, but paper thin and sold in little plastic sleeves), I must say it is pricey. But it was by far the best hash I had ever smoked. Crazy and clean taste and a high that I don't really associate with Hash. More of a clean and up high. Awesome. Also tried the Super Northern Lights, Katsu Special, and Imported Thai, all of which were amazing weeds in their own ways. I wanted to go back to try S.A.G.E. (Sativa Afghan Genetic Equilibrium), but I never did. Anybody try that? Katsu is well worth the trip if you are anywhere near Amsterdam.
Positive Review Pedro from USA sent 26 Feb 2002
One of best shops in Holland, great atmophere, very knowlegeable folks, love the Kali-Mist (Super Sativa)
Positive Review Professor Horsecollar from USA sent 2 Apr 2001
This place is out at the edge of Albert Cuyp market, a mere 10 minute ride on tram #24 from Centraal Station. The tram stops just a few meters past the market at - you guessed it - the Albert Cuyp stop. You are at the opposite end from where Katsu is located, so you have to walk thru the approximately 100 yard pedestrian mall, hang a right at the street that marks the end of the market, and Katsu is located a few steps up on your right. Can't miss it. It's so ridiculously easy to get to and find, but I guess most tourists find it too daunting a prospect. It's a decidedly local-patronized establishment with lots of homey character and good jazz playing over the sound system. I had read some rave reviews on their product and some equally scathing comments on their treatment of tourists. I feel like I was treated courteously. Actually I felt quite comfortable in the mainly oldsters crowd that already packed the place by noon, sipping coffee over their newspapers. Katsu's Water Hash had taken 1st place honors in the CC and was my top priority. This hash is the craziest damned stuff I've ever seen. It's like a translucent gel, and comes wrapped in plastic tape. Getting that stinkin' damn tape off was the most difficult part of my whole trip, and I think I smoked some tape too. But the taste, aroma, and effect of this rare and pricey product are outstanding. Another internet testimonial proclaimed that the author never smoked any grass except Katsu's Northern Lights Special, and this was the second object of my visit. I bought a small prepackaged for I think 12 or 15 guilders. While I was waiting for the guy to get back with my Water Hash, someone came in and bought a large Super Pollen, which I think is the same stuff that tied for 3rd place in the CC hash category, and was on my shopping list for Katsu. At any rate this guy assured me it was a wasted trip if I left without some Super Pollen, so I got a small order of it too. Just superb stuff all around. Lem - you've got to put this place in your guide! Have they pissed you off or something, cuz apparently they are good at it? But I think that a publication of ACD's stature must include the 1st and 3rd place CC hash winner