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't Keteltje

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Reviews of 't Keteltje Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Levy from France sent 9 Apr 2018
Second trip to Amsterdam, decided to go here due to the quality of the menu regarding sativa strains which I am a fan of. I went there just before the DGTL festival to get some green fun. Let's enter in the place with 3 of my friends, I was a bit high and definitely wasn't prepared for this: Me: Hi! Him: [grumpy]. Ok no problem I can live with that, I've been living in the Czech republic for 2 years, so just paying attention is already a distinct sign of politeness for me ;) Me: Nice menu! I'd like one gram of this that and this and that and these. Him: else? Me: that's ok thanks can I pay? Him: 56€ Me: ok credit card please... and this is the very moment every thing collapse... Him (starting to be aggressive): it's written no credit card! Me: ok okay sorry haven't seen I was focus on the product. Maybe I can go to an ATM. Him (starting shouting, yea yea for real): it is no credit card! What do I do now with that? (talking about the 5 bags) Me: hey relax, I told you I did not see the notice but I can go and withdraw cash and come back... Him (still in a very aggressive posture): there are customers waiting! Me: he, I told you to calm down ok? So far I think I am a customer as well ok? So please stop being aggressive like that. Him: I am not aggressive but you don't read the sign. Me: Yes you are aggressive stop yelling at me. Him: no I am not. Very constructive and friendly discussion, so far so good. Finally my friend had 60e cash in his wallet which I gave him (but I regret so much now to have given him my money). It s not over, I handed him the money. Him: it's 56! Me: yeah, that is why I gave you 60... Him. Ruuuuum (or stg similar). I grabbed my dope, got out, no thanks, no sorry, no bye, no shit. He may have good weed, but this guy is in my opinion a freak, and very truly xenophobic (I don't like to victimize myself but come on, this is so crystal clear) Anyway I will for sure not go back.
Positive Review Jim Skaf from Netherlands sent 23 Nov 2017
Internet, sandwiches, space cake and friendly employees.
Positive Review KerryToker from Ireland sent 23 Jan 2012
First day I arrived in Amsterdam I was just chatting to the hotel owner and he told me where to find a local place that he uses that's not a tourist trap. I hate crowds myself. So I was off and be warned it's a healthy walk to the outskirts of the city. From the front it doesn't even look like a coffeeshop, all I could see on the outside is a big glass window with a pooltable inside. So I took a walk in and you get a very relaxed buzz from the place, there's like a bar in the front with the few locals that were there and where I was headed the "bud tender" in the back. The weed is cheap and quite potent with a nice selection of hashes, it has a very relaxed decor, my mate even pulled a whitey and dropped to the floor, the staff are very friendly given drinks a sweet to the boy to bring him back, had a really good laugh with them and you could be there for hours talking. This place is a little gem in my book, well worth the trip and I always make my way back anytime I'm in the city.
Negative Review B&E from USA sent 11 Oct 2008
This place appears to be closed.
Positive Review FreiBier from Germany sent 11 Jan 2008
Very nice shop outside the city, not so loud. The shop itself is very uncommercial and seemed like a small pub ("Dorfkneipe") in Germany. Also the staff (or the owner?) was very nice and the wiet was priced as in every shop outside the center. They had Diesel for 10 €/g and some other wiet and hasj for less. Wit koffie was very tasty and we had a good Dieselhigh there.
Positive Review Dane from UK sent 11 Nov 2006
Locals' place, not touristic, hospitable and friendly. All Dutch weed 7e/g, tried the Haze, smelled and tasted sweet like strawberry, high quality, as was the Deluxe which was a powerful indica-type. Also had the Edelweiss, v.nice! They have a fine selection of hash and Thai/outdoor grass too.