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Positive Review Judo from UK. Sent 6 Apr 2011.
Small place tucked away, bought some Babylon Special Weed for €10 a g which was very decent weed, of a similar strength to what the other shops were selling for €12-14. Also bought some Babylon Special Hash €8 a g which I was really impressed with, beautiful potent Morrocan polm.
Positive Review Burners from UK. Visited 4th April. Sent 8 Apr 2007.
Down the street from our hotel was this little gem which was never too busy and seemed more like a locals place than anything but as our bartender at our hotel had advised us to try it we thought we would give it a whirl. Got some quality weed at really good prices (forgot the strains and cost) but I was quite surprised that it was so quiet as this was one of the finds of our trip and as it is just off the tourist track (turn right at Grasshopper 2) not many people seem to venture down to this coffeeshop. If you are in the area you could do worse than to check out The Kingston Coffeeshop. Rating 7/10
Positive Review Dane from UK. Sent 4 Jan 2007.
I have been there, it's a decent size, a no-frills stop-point for many locals. The prices are very good for this part of town, 5 types of Dutch weed at 6 or 6.50 E/G. I tried Analise (nice, sweet, stoney), K2 (Smelled sweeter than it tasted, strong stone) and the Kingston (A good smoke). Overall 7/10.
Positive Review Courtjester from USA. Sent 12 Dec 2006.
We stopped here simply because it somehow had been skipped by all ACD reviewers previously. Unlike most Centrum shops, the signage inside is exclusively Dutch. We took the last available seats, yet seemed to be the only tourists. There were a half-dozen weeds and three or four hashes, nothing that jumped out as spectacular, just workaday weed at workaday prices (i.e., White Widow, K2, Orange Bud, etc., all ranging from E6-7, and competitively priced hash, although I'm not a big hash smoker and can't recall the offerings). We smoked the White Widow (1g/E6), and it was very good, as White Widow always is. More important, six hours later, when I realized I had misplaced my digital camera, I went back to Kingston, where the budtender had stored it behind the counter for me. I'm big on honesty. I'll be back for just that reason. This place is an easy 9-iron from Grasshopper, a money-grubbing sty which I wouldn't set foot in when I could walk a minute and be to Kingston.