Kinky Corner

closed coffeeshop in Bergen op Zoom
Reviews of Kinky Corner Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 7
Positive Review Anon. sent 25 Jun 2021
I lived in Putte Kapellen for 6 months maybe 30 years ago and did weekly shop in Bergen. It's a shame Kinky Corner closed as, at the time, it was a super cool place to be. Had some fab times there and sad it went downhill. Maybe those pesky Belgians dragged it down. Many happy memories.
Positive Review from Belgium sent 23 Jan 2009
Now the only shop in Bergen op Zoom still open. The manager is a bit weird but the weed is good.
Negative Review Skabouter from Belgium sent 11 Sep 2008
I don't really like this shop. There hangs a racist, soccer hooligan atmosphere. The lady behind the counter is ok, but the pushing weedseller is an asshole. The weight is never right and sometimes the weed is still wet. Quality however is good. Reminds me of what a guy from Bergen op Zoom told me on a festival: 'You really shouldn't go to BOZ to buy your drugs'. Guess he's right.
Negative Review Anon. sent 25 Jul 2008
What a rip off! Asked for 100 euros of NLX which is 7 euros/gram, got back home and it was 10.8 grams, you do the math. I've been going to Bergen-op-zoom for 15 years now, how all the good shops got closed and these criminals can still be open beats me.
Negative Review Daril from Belgium sent 9 Jul 2008
Rip you off with the weed weight! Got 4.6gr instead of 7gr for White Widow! Happened several times! The owner is very aggressive with non Dutch-speaking persons and when try to speak Dutch, just get font of you! I was good client there for years but since the new boss came up and fired all the old the employees, I just don't want to go back there! Place to avoid! Pity to loose a good place like it was before!
Negative Review jay-ok from Belgium sent 28 Apr 2008
Bought haze 10 € per gram, but the weight was not ok, we got 3.8 and 4.0 grams instead of 2 times 5grams and it was no haze, so we paid 100 € for 8 grams of fake haze, I advise anyone to check other coffeeshops because this is a rip off. Very disappointed!
Negative Review Rastabasta from USA/Europe sent 13 Dec 2006
Went to it today, very disappointed in the atmosphere and the racist skinhead feeling one gets just 'cause it's the only Dutch-owned coffeeshop in Bergen op Zoom. Pity, the building and the weed are nice.
Positive Review Ali from Belgium sent 26 Nov 2006
We love Kinky Corner, especially the guy in the back with the white tee-shirt. We highly recommend Krystal pre-rolled cones and really anything that's on offer that week. It's the best, authentic. We travel from far to go there. You should go too.
Positive Review Potsmoker-John from Belgium sent 21 Jun 2006
A very good weedshop, they have very good hash especially the Moroccan is very cheap and also very good. The owners of this coffee shop are very friendly. I like this shop.
Negative Review TcanBOone from Belgium sent 25 May 2006
Rip off. Maybe 5 grams for 50 euro while the weed only costs 6 euro a gram. Weed is still wet. They will see me never again. Very bad coffeeshop and no atmosphere.
Positive Review David from Belgium sent 1 May 2006
Definitely the best coffeeshop in Bergen, not a "tourist" coffeeshop and that's noticeable on the menu. They've got two types of Haze, Mexican! That’s the shit, the best weed in town, and Silver which is also very good. Good owners, always friendly and I'm not a racist but that's the only coffeeshop where Dutch people serve you. Nice interior with a chill couch hehe.
Negative Review kennyL from Belgium sent 20 Mar 2006
This is a bad shop to go, they rip you off with weed and hasj. Their weed is bad and the price they ask is really not worth to give money for it.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 11 Feb 2005
Bergen Op Zoom is a few miles from the Belgium border, and Kinky Corner is a pleasant, low-key coffeeshop featuring a pool table and Bob Marley music. No alcohol is served. It closes at 8 p.m., the early hour being a concession to the Catholic influenced government and the nearness of the Belgium border. The menu for Kinky Corner in Bergen Op Zoom is the same as Bush Doctor's in Rembrantplein, Amsterdam. One of the staff, Wim, also works at Bush Doctor, part-time. It is popular with the locals, one of whom told me this is the only coffeeshop run by a native of Bergen Op Zoom, the other three coffee shops being run by Moroccans. There is a nice little aquarium behind the bar with some exotic fish, and the owner told me proudly he has had the prettiest one for 11 years, raised it from a minnow. The dealer is down the hall in the back. The selection is varied. I only had a pre-rolled, which was pretty good. I went during Carnival time, a fantastic time to visit Bergen Op Zoom, a wonderful, colorful folk festival that lasts four or five days, simultaneous with festivals all over the world (Rio, New Orleans, etc), but in Bergen Op Zoom the effect is more G-rated, sort of like New Orleans as presented by Disneyland.