Koffie en Dromen

coffeeshop in Lelystad
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Negative Review Anon. sent 7 Aug 2013
This coffeshop don`t sale for tourists.
Positive Review Smokey from Netherlands sent 30 Nov 2011
Every sort of hash they sell suck, I'm sorry but it's true. But their weed is sometimes really great. White widow: 8,50eu a gram, always in stock. Amnesia: 12eu a gram, always powerful but the price could be a bit lower, not always in stock. Silver haze: my personal favourite, 12eu a gram and you won't regret it, good haze which keeps you couchlocked. Dynamite: 8,80eu a gram, a real banger which I only smoke once in a while, not a great taste though. Cheese: 12eu a gram, taste horrible, I do not recommend this one. Thai: 5eu a gram, this is the most crappy weed ever.