The Freak Brothers

coffeeshop in The Hague
Reviews of The Freak Brothers Number of Positive Reviews 9 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass sent 18 Nov 2012
[Koffie En Droemen] Changed hands and is now called 'The Freak Brothers'. Average menu so just left.
Positive Review Christopher from UK sent 27 Feb 2012
This is only the 2nd time in 2 years that I have made a purchase from K&D in Den Haag - I'm clearly not a major toker! On each occasion I have been struck but the excellent customer friendly attitude from everybody working there. Thanks Thomas for your advice and thank you to the very pleasant & attractive young women handling sales. I don't visit many coffee shops so cannot really compare but comments on the other joints imply that some of them are less than friendly. That certainly isn't the case at K&D. As for any comments regarding prices & quality I would have to say very good all-round. Mine was Amnesia, thank you.
Positive Review ShaneBholland sent 25 Aug 2011
This is the best coffeeshop in The Hague, it has the best smoke and a nice little shop to smoke in! I bought some really nice Dynamite @ 8 euro a gram (big gram) and some Snow Diamond for 8 euro a gram and some really strong Zero Zero @ 10 euro a gram (3 tobacco joints) I give this coffeeshop 9/10 and the smoke 10/10.
Positive Review Anon. sent 19 Dec 2010
Sells only the best quality, even the cheaper hash or Thai will not disappoint, the menu is very dynamic and at very reasonable prices, not really a lot of place to sit though, when it's empty it's fine but in rush hour it can be frustrating.
Positive Review K.Butler from UK (living NL) sent 8 Nov 2010
I love this place! The Dutch say this place has the best in the Hague and I can see why! Beautifully grown and cured bud available here. The Master Kush is something else. Open coffeeshop bar here, not like the usual closed kiosk I have become used to in The Hague. The place is very small and usually full of locals so is still a score and go kinda place. The bud tenders here are something different. They will always go above and beyond for you, despite any queue. I even had a free Dutch lesson last time I scored there! I am always directed to some super product if I ask and buying the 5g max means you get free gifts! Beautifully grown buds here. Very special fare. Some lovely Icolator too! Opens late, 1pm till late, but well worth waiting until they open!
Positive Review The Doctor from UK sent 3 Dec 2009
Locals believe this place has the best weed in Den Haag and I couldn't fault what I tried. Great quality and reasonable prices but still more a buy to leave place. Good, clear, expansive, quality menu keeps the place busy despite being located a little off the beaten track.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil sent 17 Mar 2009
Very nice coffee shop, modern, clean and tidy with very nice selection of weed and hash with a beautiful, blond hair, friendly budtender. 2 hazes and very nice indicas and it was the first place I found Diesel outside Amsterdam, usually the weeds outside Amsterdam are the classic ones (super skunk, skunk #1, white-widow, northern lights and the boring bubbles). I went through all their weed and hash I could spend all day talking to that gorgeous girl. However, I bought some Diesel and some smelly indica (which I can't remember the name, sorry!) and it was time to go to Leiden.
Positive Review Brian H from Ireland sent 26 Sep 2006
My fave coffeeshop in the whole of Holland. I love the Warlock and the Ice O Later in here. Great menu. Quite on the small side but have loved this place since I have first been there. Worth the check out for the menu alone.
Positive Review Tom from USA sent 16 Dec 2005
This shop has now changed its name to "Koffie en Dromen" (Dutch for Coffee and Dreams) but it is still the same great quality weed. I purchased 2 hazes of the 5 on their haze menu. Although they are no longer all priced the same, ranging from 6 to 8.50 euro. I purchased Warlock at 7.50 euro and Super Haze at 8.50 euro. I also purchased some Andromeda from the other weed menu at 10 euro a gram. It was the most expensive weed on their menu on this visit. On a previous visit when the shop was still known as Ceylonica, I purchased Amnesia at 10 euro a gram. White Widow at 6.75 a gram. I also bought some MK-Ultra. I cannot recall the price, but it was a very wonderful stone. I am still smoking on very potent hash bought at 22,50 euro. When flame is applied, it bubbles before releasing smoke. Best weed in The Hague. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Pharout from Canada sent 2 Jun 2005
Ceylonica is the place for the best weed in the Hague, and as good as anything I tried in Amsterdam (and I tried a lot). The dealers and staff are great, it's a small shop, but I was actually sent there by the dealer at the Game coffeeshop when I asked him where I could find some proper weed. Apparently he buys his smoke there too! They had great prices and a great selection of proper Hazes (all priced the same), including the Peacemaker which rocked my world, and a truly amazing selection of real hashes from all over the world, including absolutely clean dark hashes and some kickass strong Nederhash (Ice-o-lator). Hard to find but totally worth it, the best part about this place is they will sell a minimum of only 5 euros worth of any product, which led to a very stoney afternoon as I tried out 3 kinds of weed and 4 kinds of hash! Very highly recommended.