coffeeshop in Maastricht
Reviews of Kosbor Number of Positive Reviews 16 Number of Neutral Reviews 3 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 18 May 2009
ID show. One of the best shops in the city, fairly prices for very good weed and hash, they change their sorts every months. Good coffee and friendly owners.
Neutral Review Durv from Netherlands sent 30 Jul 2008
The shop is small and always way too many ppl inside. But the weed is good. Only once they ripped me off cus I was not standing correct in line, I was just looking for the prices and I didn't skipped line but he was looking weird to me and made me a 0,7 gr bag. But I just go to the Mississippi or Smokey from that day.
Positive Review Joker2007 from Germany sent 11 Nov 2007
I have been in this shop 5 or 6 times and the people there always were very friendly! I always got very good weed like Cannalope, New York Diesel, Honululu. Is a small shop with a bistro-charme and very popular in Maastricht! So watch out for your place to sit in there! Music: mostly Tecno, sometimes raggea.
Neutral Review Pino from Belgium sent 2 Oct 2007
This used to be a great coffeeshop, now something has changed. You feel like you are in a fast-food or something, the way you have to purchase your stuff is ridiculous: first you wait in line to order your stuff (if you can stand that very unpleasant lady at the counter), then you make another line to receive it! And they often screw up so you receive the stuff of somebody else. Plus, they have 2 women cutting the hash and sometimes they are not strong enough (it's not a joke, it happened right before my eyes) and have to ask some big dude for help, so you wait some more. I don't know what the hell happened to this place but they'll never see me again. Too bad really, because prices and quality are ok.
Positive Review Yankee from Germany sent 6 Aug 2007
It was very crowded when we went here, they had a great menu though. Bought a gram of Northern Lights, a buddy bought 2 g's. Extremely smooth, they showed the grams they weighed off so it was cool. What I thought was extremely cool and correct was that a buddy noticed two bowls next to the dealers with stems in them, the dealers always rip out stems from the buds, so you get what you pay for.
Positive Review Reinhard from Germany sent 16 May 2007
The shop is small, but has a very good weed and dope counter. You get 9 different sorts of dope, and 10 different weed sorts. We bought 7 gr White Mix for €6 each gramm. Quality is good for the price. Furthermore for example you can buy NLX, Widdow Jack for €8, White Widdow for €7,50 and Amnesia for €13,50. We took also 2 gramm Ketama Dope for €2,50 each and 1 gr Afghan for €4. The shop has wooden furniture with small tables, they are very friendly and the biggest plus is that they weigh the weed in front of you with a digital weight computer.
Positive Review STH from USA sent 3 Feb 2007
It's a nice place, a few tables with a nonalcoholic drink bar, and then the weed bar right next to it. Then there's about 6 small tables to sit at. There's also 2 large flat screen plasma tvs, that were playing soccer when we went. We got some Jack Widow, and NLX. It was a pretty busy place for a Wednesday night, but after about a 2 min wait in line we got a table and relaxed. Overall, it's in a nice area, fairly close to the water, and the atmosphere was nice, but if I'm going all the way down to the area, I'd rather stop at Mississippi or Smokey. Rating: 7/10
Positive Review Got lost in Adam (s+f) from Germany sent 9 Oct 2006
The interior of the shop is very simple. No couches etc. Just a bar and some small tables. Bought there 1g "Caramella Cream/about 7,5€" (it's good, but I wonder about the cream, it's a normal Moroccan hash with quite good quality) and 1g "Black Bombay/8€" (OK - nothing to tell about). Had a clean bong there and you can have different kinds of pipes.
Neutral Review Jr. from USA visited Apr 06; sent 16 Sep 2006
Very crowded shop when we visited. No place to sit so ended up buying and leaving. Waited for about 20 minutes. Bud was good but the waitress was rude, bumped into me, no big deal but didn't even acknowledge it, just too hectic I guess.
Positive Review Mc V & Dou Dou from UK/Belgium sent 3 Aug 2006
Nicely situated in a quiet street not far from the river. Told off for using my mobile whilst scoring but apart from that all good. Decided upon "White Widow" although honestly, I visited another shop before hand and got confused as to what I actually bought but very nice quality bud, reasonably priced. Nice espresso machine (with quaint little metal coffee cups), couple of widescreen TV's with ample enough room for a smoke. Located 5 mins from station and not far from central car park. Nice place, worth checking out.
Negative Review Nabs from France sent 30 Jul 2006
I have been to the Kosbor and the girl was unfriendly with French people. I didn't like the reception. Except for that, it's small, nothing special.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 3 Apr 2005
Clean, airy, mostly friendly shop (one pretty proprietress was hostile when I asked for a bit more hot water for my tea). Great mint tea, good Hawaiian Haze, poor Polm 2. We were told that 60% of coffeeshops in Maastricht had closed in 2 years.
Positive Review DM from Belgium sent 23 Feb 2005
I've been there a few times and I really like it. It's very clean and cosy, always friendly people, cheap drinks and fair prices. It's the perfect coffeeshop to chill down in the afternoon, smoke a fat joint and drink tea or milkshake.
Positive Review Nichole from USA sent 10 Jan 2005
I go to Maastricht about every other weekend or at least once a month and I make it a point to start and end my trips there at coffee shop Kosbor. The people are so damn nice there, I have even become on a first name basis with a few of the employees. I have smoked everything there from the most expensive to even the very cheapest grass and they are all great quality. The hash is very good as well. The people there never rush you out they let you hang out and chill as long as you want. They have super yummy drinks there and they are very very cheap. We found this little town on our way to Amsterdam one day and we got caught in some horrible traffic and we were worried that we would not make it to a-dam before shops closed and so we found this little town right over the Germany/Holland border (I live in Germany) and we love it there so much that we only go there now :) we will save Amsterdam for later trips but we love to just go to coffee shop Kosbor and hang out, it is a wonderful place and you will fall in love with the people and atmosphere there! I highly recommend hanging out there! :) Tell Eric the door man that Nichole sent you :D
Positive Review Anon. visited Nov 3-11; sent 26 Nov 2004
Easy to locate and the quality of their product is very good. I tried several different types of weed, which were all good quality. Also the Ice-O-Later hash was it's usual great quality. As someone mentioned in another review, there is a nice headshop just a few doors down. Kosbar is a great place to purchase some smoke and sit awhile.
Positive Review Jelle from Belgium sent 25 Aug 2004
It's a quality coffeeshop and the people are very friendly there, but one guy always ask my identity card, you have a choice between White Widow, NLX (7.50e/gr), special mix, Honoloulou (9e/gr): (must smoke that!), for 15 euro you have 2.1 gram of White Widow (7e/gr) I take this most of all, hashes I smoked from there, Super Polm 2 (5e/gr), Ketama. You can smoke at the bar ore smoke at the tables in the middle of the shop
Positive Review JerseyJ from Channel Islands sent 23 Jul 2004
For those making the overland haul from Jersey via France, Kosbor is the first stop off. Good parking nearby. Great Grass. Staff were really friendly. The Mint tea is especially good at preventing a 'whitey' for those who've caned too much 'Widow.
Positive Review Strozzapreti from Belgium sent 17 Jun 2004
Centrally located. Spacious and clean, with a pleasant and a spotless bathroom. Even non-smokers will be happy to linger. Good weed at good prices. Average hashish. There is an excellent head shop just a few doors down. Overall, one of the nicest coffee shops in Holland. Highly recommended.
Positive Review Matthew from USA sent 29 Oct 2003
The atmosphere was great. A cafe with windows for the street wall. Nice, open, airy, cheap buds of high quality. I went with my wife who does not smoke grass and she liked it because it seemed like a regular cafe with coffee and sweets as well as fruit juice. The owner gave us the table he was sitting at with one of his friends as his place was packed. I have to say this gesture was quite friendly and we returned to his shop again.
Positive Review Anon. sent 5 Jul 2003
I've been at Kosbor a few months ago. It's a small nice coffeeshop where you can sit and chill in peace. The menu is not so big, but you get what you pay for and sometimes a little more! the quality of they're stuff is very high!! hope I'll be there again in a half year or so!!!!!!!