coffeeshop in Nijmegen
Reviews of Kronkel Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review SG from Netherlands sent 17 Apr 2012
This coffeeshop is probably the most well known, though i wouldn't say they have the best product. They have nice hash, but I often think their weed isn't dry enough (thus you'll pay more for less), and the prices are rather high compared to coffeeshops in the same district). This coffeeshop is definitely the most comfortable in terms of relaxing, smoking your joint, play some pool. They have an excellent menu with lots of great kinds of food. You can have some nice snacks, fresh fruit smoothies, or just have dinner there. Pretty steady quality.
Negative Review Anon. sent 1 Aug 2011
All sorts were brix-weed. Beware!
Positive Review Pascal from Nijmegen sent 1 Dec 2010
The Kronkel has a restaurant with much vegetarian food, therefore their smokers room is in the back of the shop. It has a system for regulars, with a pass that you can use to save points for free weed. Also one of the few Dutch shops that sell medically approved marihuana. Ask for this, as you will get a very good support from one of their salespeople.
Positive Review Dim from Greece sent 29 Jun 2009
Simply the best in Nijmegen! The best atmosphere, the best prices, the best music, very good quality of weed and hash. High recommended!
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 10 Oct 2005
Anybody who is interested in finding an Amsterdam-like atmosphere in Nijmegen should head right for Kronkel, conveniently located only about 10 minutes walk from the station. This big busy shop is not going to be to everyone's taste, but this one is well worth a visit for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the selection is the best in town and the best I have ever seen in Gelderland. In particular, their Jack is some of the best I have come across. The prices are very decent too, cheaper than the smaller shops in town. Finally, this place offers a big menu of food and drinks as well as a good few billiard tables. I would say this place is worth braving the somewhat dodgy looking scene that one frequently sees down the very narrow Vlaamsegas.
Positive Review Fede from Italy sent 25 Apr 2005
Probably the best coffee house in Nijmegen concerning the quality of the weed, it has a good variety and a continuous swapping of the weed and hash list (they take the best at the moment). Very good Super Silver Haze for 9 euro per gram if you're lucky to find it. The food is very good and drinks too. The service not at the same level of the weed (never laugh waitresses).
Neutral Review Dil from Scotland visited Nov 04; sent 19 Nov 2004
This is a large coffeeshop and very busy when I was there. They have a cafe area, pool area and a dealer's area accessed through a type of security door. The dealer seemed a bit stressed, it must be such a tough job. It's a scales and strict 5 gram max. set up but they do have a good variety. Went for some Super Polm Euro 18-00 for 5 grams. Good enough smoke but nothing special.
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany sent 7 Oct 2004
I bought some K2 and Zero Zero hash. K2 made me really tired and feeling knocked out. The Zero Zero has a more uplifting high. But both were very fine.
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany sent 5 Sep 2004
Great atmosphere there. They have a lot of different sorts of hash and weed, rolled joints and a variety of cakes. You must try their White Widow, it knocks you totally out and it's one of the best sorts I've ever smoked.
Positive Review MC Moe from Germany sent 4 Jun 2004
I live near the Dutch border, 20 minutes away from Nijmegen and I tried almost all coffee shops in Nijmegen. Kronkel is a shop with a lot of space for its guests. You have the opportunity to sit and talk, or u play billard, enjoy the music with a nice and warm atmosphere. The menu is good, u have always about 10 different weed types, but very good hash is also available.