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De Kroon II

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Positive Review Irwr179 from USA. Sent 7 Dec 2006.
Just by chance we ran into this coffee shop. Well, Purple Haze was on the menu so we got a gram for 7 eu. Well after 1/2 a joint I was getting strong head rushes, it came on slow at first then wham, very nice, an up and moving high, peak lasting a good 2 hours. Nice shop, great staff, one to put on your go-to list.
Negative Review Chris from USA. Sent 4 Jun 2006.
I didn't like it. The weed and hash selection was bad but I bought some hash anyway. Waste of money. Then they wouldn't let me in the "velvet rope" smoking area behind the door because it's for locals only. Fuck that, I lived a block away. Don't bother with these people, if they're still in business.