De Kroon

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
Reviews of De Kroon Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Doesn't look good for this former place, with the law regarding its proximity to schools meaning it may close permanently when its license expires. Currently open at 6pm.
Neutral Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
They only sell 25,- Euro bags now which I don't prefer because I'm afraid I'll smoke too much. Still little overpriced for what they give you but the quality is good, not great.
Positive Review Plaza Gang from Italy sent 2 Sep 2008
We would like to say that every one of us (we were in 10) liked de Kroon experience. I personally say that was maybe the coffeeshop I prefer. Maybe for the music, a mix of techno and electronic, that I particularly love, maybe for where I was sitting, in the corner under the stairs on which the cat was sleeping or maybe for everything I felt.
Positive Review Angela and Giacomo from Italy sent 4 Aug 2007
Simply the best!
Positive Review Mark and Vicky from Wales sent 28 Nov 2006
Me and my partner have been to De Kroon on a number of occasions, the 1st time we literally stumbled upon it! We were heading to La Canna but noticed it on the way! So, as you do, we popped in. This was our 1st time in Amsterdam and found the staff very friendly, I bought a couple of grams of Sweet Silver Haze and my partner, Vicky bought some Caramello! Wow! The haze was extremely nice, but the best was next to come. We took our coffees up to the loft area, sat back and tasted the best hash (in my opinion) ever! The Caramello was exquisite! We popped in there a few times after that. We have travelled to the dam three times now and always our first stop is De Kroon!
Positive Review Withrow from USA visited June 04; sent 26 Aug 2006
On the way in I bumped into the most stoned character I've ever encountered in my life! Low lit coffeeshop with a good bit of space, the dealer was indifferent not rude served us some K2 at 2 grams for 12 euros, but this was in summer of 2004. The K2 had me completely friggin wasted every time I skinned up a wee joint! I definitely recommend the stuff!
Positive Review Andy from UK sent 23 Feb 2006
I've been to Amsterdam a few times and this was always the first place we ducked into, mostly due to its proximity to the pizza place on the corner of Damrak, and also because if we got really seriously stoned at least we'd know where we were. It was a nice comfy place when I was there, good music, decent enough list, and of course they had Chocomel, the drink of choice for the discerning. Or at least that's what I told myself. The fact is, after a sleepless night and a long journey down from London, on an empty stomach, after each of us had bought a different bag of skunk, skinned it and started taxying half a dozen joints, the chocomel wasn't going down too well. Hit the bottom of my stomach, found nothing useful, and came straight back up again, still the same brown chocolatey liquid as before. I had to crawl beneath the bar so they wouldn't see me in my chocolate milk covered shame for the weak English weed smoker that I so clearly was, and hot footed it out of the door, never to return. Sorry, De Kroon. The little I can remember of it, it was a nice place though. People should go there. Just don't expect me to join you. ;)
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 3 Jul 2005
Located just across the steeg from de Kuil, but not nearly as busy. A comfy couch or two, a few tables, and a nice upstairs loft area for larger groups. Friendly staff. Classic Roman/Greek decor. When we were there the Nederland/Finland Game was on, so we didn't hear the type of music being played.
Positive Review Dave S from England visited 17-20 Dec 04; sent 4 Jan 2005
When I found De Kuil was closed one rainy Saturday morning, I ducked in here and was so glad I did! The music was cool, the dealer was very friendly, weighed my purchase of Crystal in front of me - observed by the rather cool cat lying on the bar, and I had a great little chill out session in here! It was early - around 10:15am and a lot of places were just waking up I guess, and it's so easy to walk straight past this little gem of a shop as it doesn't scream "Tourist Coffeeshop" at you, but do yourselves a favour and give them a visit. I shall definitely be coming back here when I return again in February. Big thumbs up for being open on a Saturday morning and having a nice, "gezellig" atmosphere.
Positive Review Anon. from USA sent 15 Aug 2003
Just a quick note to tell everyone that I found this coffeeshop to be one of the best in Amsterdam due to the friendliness of the employees. I visited it several times over the past year and especially enjoyed it's wide selection of hashes. It's a shame that my government won't allow these types of shops in the U.S. , makes me want to move to Europe.
Positive Review Katy from USA visited Nov 2001; sent 10 Nov 2002
I strongly disagree with Brian. I LOVED this place! I did my research at home and knew this was the first shop I wanted to try. I had no idea it was so close to my hotel! How lucky could I get? Also, De Kroon Twee is NOT next to De Kuil! It is across the alley as I'm sure you know. We found all the staff and the owner to be VERY friendly and willing to give advice and guidance not only on their products but many other places in town. They encouraged us to try several coffeeshops and see what was out there instead of presenting themselves as the be all and end all of the coffeeshop world unlike many other shops we were in. Mohammed (sp?) taught me the Dutch word for 'cozy' and it describes this place wonderfully. It's not the fancyest or the hippest place in town but I did find it to be the most wonderful. The staff couldn't be any more helpful than they were. They were always ready with a quick, warm welcoming smile that seemed truly genuine and not at all fake. We were ALWAYS able to see what we were buying before we bought it, they weighed it right there in front of you and no way in hell are they going to sell you ANY shake! Only the best buds for their customers! One day all they had was shake of a particular strain I was looking for. They reluctantly sold it to me ONLY after I agreed to let them mark it DOWN! I never saw anything like that in any other coffeeshop. Quite the opposite in some cases. It really burns my hide to see someone so negative and obviously uninformed write a review but I guess we are entitled to our opinions (wrong as they may be, lol) I just had to tell you about my experiences there. When I come back to your beautiful city November 21, De Kroon Twee will be my very first stop (like last year) after I check in. I can't wait to see those guys again! They totally rock!
Negative Review Brian from USA sent 26 Oct 2000
Right next to de Kuil - no friendly faces there, just off-hand remarks, so we turned around and walked out. Not recommended.