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420 Cafe

coffeeshop in Amsterdam
De Kuil
420 Cafe De Kuil
From shop's official page in the 90s

From De Kuil to 420 Cafe

The original name was de Kuil cafe bar coffeeshop. Up until 2007 it sold alcohol as well as cannabis. The sign on the window said F.Z. for Frank Zappa, favourite of owner and activist Michael Veling.

Gradually it transformed into 420 Cafe. In my recollection, it was the shop's online presence that changed first. Next the high-level 420 Cafe sign sprouted out of the wall and small 420 Cafe stickers appeared on the window. As late as 2007 the street level sign with the Om still said de Kuil but by 2008 all of the signs said 420. F.Z. reappeared on the window though. These days the street level Om sign has gone and there is no F.Z. on the window any more either.

De Kuil 4:20
420 Cafe De Kuil 4:20
De Kuil 420
420 Cafe De Kuil 420
420 Cafe
420 Cafe
Modern Signage
420 Cafe Modern Signage

Forum 4/20

With the new name came the concept of being in 420 at 4:20 on 4/20 (20th April in US shorthand). In 2006 ACD Forum member 'AzLaker' suggested that members of the forum from around the world should rendezvous at 420 Cafe and we've been doing it ever since.

The shop traditionally celebrates 4:20 on 4/20 by passing giant joints out to their customers.

420 Cafe Inside
420 Cafe
420 Cafe
420 Cafe
Frank Zappa
420 Cafe Frank Zappa
Inside 420 Cafe
Inside 420 Cafe