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De Lachende Paus

coffeeshop Rotterdam
De Lachende Paus
coffee shop De Lachende Paus, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland for cannabis. Historical information about a closed business.
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Reviews of De Lachende Paus Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review NSI from France. Sent 30 Mar 2010.
Positive Review Skabouter from Belgium. Sent 5 Feb 2009.
A brown exterior, where you have to ring before let in. A friendly older man checked our ID. The shop looks weird, it is really a pick up shop. No tables or seats, and a lot of displays. Lots of smoking stuff, smart products and a nice big weedmenu. Orange bud, Super Silver Pearl, Citral, Hindu kush, Bubblegum, etc. I only bought the Orange Bud. Good dry, compact buds but when I grinded it, it sticked between the teeth, and the grinded weed was a fluffy pile. Difficult to roll, but good high.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
This place is very cool. Only 3 seats, but a nice room to hang in, with a great head shop selection. Although the bud is sold from, behind a security glass, the tender was very nice and came out to hang. Picked up 2g of each: Santa Maria - very nice, but old and Special Haze - not so special.
Neutral Review Vibes Tuff from Rotterdam. Sent 8 Feb 2008.
Famous for its name and is widely known. De Lachende Paus is more a smartshop actually than a coffeeshop. It has a great look inside has to be said! And also the sealed bags with a card and a few filters gives it a professional look. However, there is no room to sit and chill out. The skunk they are selling is a high quality, as well as the hashes. There are very much special kinds of joints between you can pick. Comparing to other coffeeshops in the area their prices are actually too high, but I can live with it, because de Lachende Paus will always get you high as well!
Positive Review Marilyn from Philippines. Sent 13 Dec 2004.
It's one of the best and most beautiful coffeeshops I ever see. I never see more than 60 different kinds of joints in a shop. And the interior is also very special.