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Liberty 2

coffeeshop Roosendaal
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Reviews of Liberty 2 Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Neutral Review Nicolas from Netherlands. Sent 9 Apr 2009.
Located just next to the Christiana Coffeeshop. But if you have to make a choice between both of them, choose the Liberty II. Most people will be satisfied by this establishment. Simply, you have to avoid the K2. I've been very disappointed by that one. It's sold cheap (6€/gr) but it's not worth it. The Amnesia is decent although a true Amnesia lover will prefer the Azul Coffeeshop. If you have a chance, try their New York Diesel Haze or their White Widow. Never tested any hash here.
Positive Review Marcin from Poland. Sent 30 Aug 2008.
The best coffeeshop from the all I know. And I was in few of coffeeshops in the Nederlands. In Liberty2 I always get best quality and always something extra.
Positive Review Omer from Belgium. Sent 10 Jul 2008.
Severe shop, sometimes there's a bouncer in front of the door, directly asks ID when not sure. Most of the time crowded, dark. The weeds/hashes I've already bought there are NY Diesel Haze, Amnesia, K2, Liberty Special and where all great taste, good smokable, great effects. Watch out for local guys on the streets, don't go in on their offers, they'll rip you off.
Negative Review Fonzerelli from Belgium. Sent 17 Dec 2006.
Liberty 2 in Roosendaal is not that good especially not for K2. They rip you off if you buy some more than the normal amounts, guess what boys, I can double-check it at home. I like the Amnesia Haze though.
Negative Review Silverhaze68 from France. Sent 9 Nov 2006.
Maybe the worst place to smoke a joint. Only K2 and White Weedow. Despite the fact that you can look at the weight, the personnel is not friendly at all. You should go to Christiana or Yellow Moon (100 m away) which are not wonderful too but people have smile.
Neutral Review kennyL from Belgium. Sent 3 Apr 2006.
A little shop 2 doors next to Christiana. They have high prices and are not that friendly. For 20€ you get 2.5 some time 3 grams of K2 so it's not that good.
Positive Review Mad Dog Margetts from England. Sent 25 Nov 2005.
You can see the scales and they sell good White Widow at slightly less than the usual price. No pretensions and straight forward. Very good shop with a guy who is merely selling weed without thinking he's parting with some mystical flesh of the Gods.
Positive Review Wiilzuugher from Belgium. Sent 25 Jul 2004.
The Liberty II, somewhat further down the road to the left, looks a bit more shady than Yellow Moon. It is managed, though, by very friendly people, who immediately helped me out. You are also able to read the weight from the scales yourself.