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coffeeshop Beverwijk
Reviews of Life Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass visited July 2019; sent 8 Jul 2019
Interior is like a classic bar with cushioned stools and benches, relatively modern and clean. Seating possibilities of about twenty, more or less medium sized place. Menu comes up with twenty strains of wiet to choose from, separated into long time ago disapproved terms as sativa and indica ; former one Chocolope (10€/g) and latter one Red something (8,5€/g) being their cheapest. Most expensive ones were G13 Amnesia (13€/g) and 24K Gold (13€/g). Five supposedly strains from Cali on an extra menu at 20€/g as well! So called Moonrocks for 30€/g. They also served about seven options of classic hashish and about five with foreign genetics. There was also a Verdamper. Not too special stuff apart from the usual suspects so we left.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 26 May 2006
A small nice and friendly coffeeshop, it's my best offer in this town I become for 25 € 5 gr. of White Widow, the quality was great. Has a Flipper and a Kikker inside. Nice drink prices (all 1.50 €). A nice stop before you going the street down (up) to the beach.
Positive Review Old Hippie Dave from USA sent 7 Nov 2004
This is the coolest coffeeshop I've been in. The owner and the Budtender are so nice. The place reminds me of this little restaurant I use to hang out in back in the 60's. Booths on one side and a counter on the other. The hash is real nice, Life special €10 and the White Widow is a lot cheaper than in Mokum €6.5 the Crystal €6.50 is good too. They got this cool computer sound system where ya can pick from like 5000 songs. They have this punch card they give you. 10 punches and you get a couple grams for free. The owner's name is Hakan. The budtender's name is Serdal. Just a nice local place not too many tourist know about...yet. Beverwijk is the next stop past Haarlem right after you go through a long tunnel. They got a cool black market there on Sat and Sun too. When ya go into Life tell em Old Hippie Dave sent ya.