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The ACD once had many pages of links. There were other coffeeshop sites, general cannabis sites, Amsterdam sites and so on.

The list was often out of date because sites had closed and the forum now does a good job of networking.

So, for the time being, I've trimmed the links right down.

BCD BCD (Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten) Cannabis Retailers Association.

AmsterdamStayAn article about cannabis friendly apartments courtesy of Amsterdam Stay.
Grass e-commerce

This is an ancient part of the site. I get a constant stream of emails from people asking me to sell them some grass so I've always kept this section as a place to refer them to.

I am NOT endorsing or recommending any of these sites. I present these links for the benefit of those people who have asked me for such information. If you send cash to one of these sites you do so *AT YOUR OWN RISK*. If you try them then please let me know how you get on, but if you get ripped off, don't blame me!

OnlinePot OnlinePot is a guide to medical marijuana with an excellent collection of verified links to mail order sites. The information is up-to-date and includes some good advice.

budmail Budmail is a Canadian operation that I'm told is sound. It closed for a while but I'm told it's back now.

enjoy Enjoy has been around for a long time, also under the name Dutch Joints.
Some say he's sound. They say he is reliable for quality and delivery, but expensive. Others say he's ripped them off.
(previous URLs include,,,, and (dead link)