Lost in Amsterdam

bar in Amsterdam
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Positive Review Leeroy Kavanagh from UK sent 14 Dec 2012
Went in mid November 2012 during my gap year, great place to kick back and forget about all the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam's city centre. Staff were generally nice and helpful. The milkshakes were extremely good. Very welcoming place, lots of chill areas with interesting people to chat to (we ended up taking mushrooms and going to a museum with some tourists) and the atmosphere was more friendly than that of a coffee shop in my opinion. Great place to smoke a lot of Amsterdam's good quality weed!
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 25 Jun 2012
The greatest due to the fact that you can buy alcohol but have to bring your own weed. Found it by searching this website in 09 and went to Amsterdam twice in 2010, July and November. Going back in Nov 2012, and yes they had one white cat in 2010 when I was there. Great music and a great atmosphere, first stop always.
Positive Review Bungle from UK sent 14 Jul 2008
Great place to sit and chill, get away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. Me and my girlfriend sat in the window on the big cushions and chugged away on a smooth well priced sheesha. The staff are great and although don't sell weed do offer to put your own weed in the hukkahs. We spent about an hour in this place and it felt really relaxed, like when you've just woke up but you just lay there for a few hours right comfy.
Positive Review Alex from UK sent 25 Mar 2008
No one has mentioned the two white cats they have, not sure if they're still knocking about. We were there in December 2006, we sat in the back area, had a few joints, (really nice place) then this pearl white cat walks through the room and out into the staff section. Was cool. Then another, exactly the same, pearl white cat, did the same thing. Reminded us all of the deja vue bit in the Matrix. We were all expecting Neo to run past a second later. But he never did. Great coffee shop though, definitely one of the best just for its simplicity.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 13 Mar 2008
Had an excellent time! The servers were very helpful, friendly, attractive and made me feel welcomed. The place was crowded but not full. I sat at the bar, drank beers (Heinekens in Amsterdam are much better than what you get in the States. No skunk taste. It is more like a Miller Lite or a Mich Light), smoked cigarettes and some weed. I will visit this location again and would recommend it for a place to hang out other than a coffeeshop.
Positive Review Dennis from Sweden sent 27 Feb 2008
I first discovered "Lost" in the summer of -07 when I was backpacking and stayed in the Aroza Hostel which is just a few doors away on the same street, I was there for 8 days and I was there probably 2-3 times a day. I just came back for a four day trip there and I was there every day this time also, the bartenders are hot and helpful and one of them actually gave my friend a beer on the house cause she liked his Swedish accent. It's the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your weed while having a beer or coffee, they don't have couches or chairs but instead hundreds of pillows in different sizes and mattresses, which you can sit or lie on. They also have a big platform right inside the window between the window and the bar that you can sit on amongst all the pillows and if the weather allows it they open the window up while you sit in the shade and watch as the droves of tourists walk by. I had my first shroomtrip in that window and it was the best time I've ever had. Music is a mix between tribal house, world and other spacey sounds.
Positive Review Jon and Shell from UK sent 10 Mar 2007
This place was really chilled, buy a drink and smoke your own weed, really comfortable and relaxed, I could loose a few hours in there. There was some drilling and banging going on while we were there, which didn't help, but what can you do?
Positive Review Cliff and Jo sent 7 Feb 2006
It doesn't sell but it's a serious smoker's bar with the most amazing chillout areas, a huge range of bongs, live webcams to unfortunate mates back home, serves beer, and you can take in your own eats.
Positive Review Martin & Dean from UK sent 12 Nov 2005
The place was great for chilling with loads of beanbags and cushions strewn all over the place. Good chilling out music, great vibe and bongs are provided on request!