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Lucky Luke

coffeeshop Arnhem
Lucky Luke
coffee shop Lucky Luke, Arnhem, Gelderland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of Lucky Luke Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass. Sent 26 Mar 2018.
Dark place with about twenty seats to sit in a separate room. You order at the bar in the back of the shop when you enter the place. Sadly this establishment could be so much more as they also had a comfy room in the back connected to a backyard. Also only vending machines for drinks. They weigh up for you though. Their gear is average, every now and then bought their Silver Haze for about 11€.
Positive Review AJ from UK. Visited Aug 11. Sent 11 Jan 2012.
This is a great shop split into 2 smoking rooms. Not very big but weed good, Amniesia Haze 10e a g. Crazy music, playing heavy techno, headache style.
Positive Review DauMan from Austria. Sent 23 Jul 2010.
I remember this coffeeshop from my first visit in Netherlands/Amsterdam, I saw this one from the train after passing the border to the Netherlands and was very happy to see the first coffeeshop from the train! This time I went in it (the comments were not very special) but I was surprised, it's a very friendly shop with superb sorts of weed and a more or less friendly staff (I didn't feel unwelcome there). I bought an "Orange Haze", "Super Skunk" and a "K2", and all 3 were fantastic to smoke and the high was stunning. There are pool-tables in it and it's a bit dark, but very clean and trippy decorated!
Positive Review Billy from USA. Sent 10 Oct 2005.
This is a comfortable and friendly spot that also happens to have a decent selection and very reasonable prices. I have been a few times now, and I always look forward to melting into their big leather couch. Not sure why the previous reviewer considers this is a ghetto-like area. All of my trips up Sonsbeeksingel to Hommelsweg (admittedly all done in the daylight) have been nothing but pleasant. I was surprised to find how much cheaper the shops in this neighborhood are than those in the old town.
Positive Review Puffmutter from Germany. Sent 24 Sep 2004.
Very nice shop with areas to play pool, arcade computer games or table kicker. They have about 5 varieties of weed and about 7 sorts of hash. I smoked some of their Santa Maria, and I just was flashed into the sofas standing around there. After about an hour of sitting around and smiling at the incoming people, I stood up, smoked two medium White Widow Joints and left the shop. They have definitely one of the best weeds in Arnhem. Very recommended by me ;) It was my luck to drive back home two days later, otherwise I probably wouldn't have arrived until now because this stuff pushes you really down. ;o) Unfortunately that shop is in a ghetto-like area, and you sometimes meet very strange people there ;-)