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Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
Two bad shops in a area. Lucky Time is not as bad as the Missouri.
Gatsu93 from France. Sent 15 Feb 2009.
Well situated, that coffee is in a peaceful place! I could park my car almost in front of it! They ask for an ID at the entrance, no matter how old you are. They only have 3 weeds: Whitewidow 8.5e, Da Kronik 9e (excellent, does not stick on the hands!) and Haze 12.5e. The Skuff costs 10e/gr. Don't remember the hashes, sorry. Opens on Sundays. I tried all 3 weeds, they are strong and soft, I mean, it doesn't make you cough, the quality is really excellent. It's not my first coffee but it's the best place I've ever been, some of the staff also speaks French. The quantity they provide is rather very good as well, I bought 2X2 grams and I can tell you those 2 grams where quite big! Please note they won't sell you more than 5 grams. I tried to negotiate during several minutes, couldn't do anything! Anyway I promise this place is a must see, you won't be disappointed.
Colin from USA. (living Belgium) Sent 2 Jan 2008.
The best shop in Maastricht. They don't have a lot of choices of weed, but all of it is quality. "Da Chronic" is great and well grown. I usually come just for the Skuff cuz it's the best in town and I'll explain why. Skuff isn't green and hard, it's golden and soft and needs no fire to "feather" it. I smoke pure, and this stuff has the quality I miss when I used to collect it myself. Atmosphere is really laid back and friendly. Once I took my Roor bong there and they asked me to put it away, and that u can only roll it. I was shocked and offended as I only smoke pure weed and can probably outsmoke the staff. I respected them and put it away though, since I realized I'm the only American in there who doesn't get "too high" and can't handle their European weed. I do bring my tiny travel bong, and they have never said anything to me and now they start to remember me as well. All in all I would highly recommend this spot.
Jeff from USA. Sent 16 Dec 2007.
Lucky Strike is the first coffeeshop I hit when I get to Masstricht. It's relaxing with great herb. I feel totally at peace here. Everybody's nice and mellow. The Canaloop and Da Chronic are spectacular. I've never been disappointed with the weed, service, or ambience.
STH from USA. Sent 3 Feb 2007.
This coffee shop is nice. It's quiet, has good buds. There's a booth, a few tables, 3 small TVs and a drink bar. I liked it because the music wasn't blaring, and it wasn't all hardcore reggae or techno. It's also a sponsor of some sort of dirt/motto biking team. Anyway, we got a gram of "Da Chronic", and rolled it up into a blunt. It did the trick. The ambiance of this place is real laid back and nice to chill at. Rating: 9/10
Lindavespot from Netherlands. Sent 20 Oct 2006.
Go to this shop, it's great. I get my scooter and go there from Maastricht and I've smoked a joint 4.00 euro and it was great. I've done nothing for 1.5 hour and normally I get crazy when I've got nothing to do. Have fun and relax with a joint.
Palle from Sweden. Sent 1 Sep 2006.
I was there 11:00 sharp (Wednesday) when they opened the place. Staff was a little bit "sleepy". The counter where you buy the funny-smoke is like a secured bank-counter. I like it when it is more relaxed and that you in particularly can smell the weed before buying it. Bought the most expensive weed "Lucky Weed" and "Da Chronic" both for 8.50 Euro per gram.
Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
Probably had the meatiest bud we found in Maastricht, called Da Chronic (1G/E8.50), which is the best endorsement I can give the place.
Guli from France. Sent 7 May 2005.
I went there several times. Not many choices but the weed is very good and cheap. I've tasted almost everything there and never been disappointed (but don't miss the 5g of White Widow for 30euros). They also sell joint, more expensive, but also very good (2.50-4.00 euros). People there are helpful and smiling. This coffeeshop is very close to the A2-E25 from Liege.
Fred from Belgium. Sent 31 Aug 2004.
I went there a few times, it's kinda small but very cool. It's quite modern and lighty, u can play chess direct on the tables. There is not much weed (3 sorts I think, same for the hash) but excellent ones, and low-price (like the White Widow for 6 euro / grams, if u buy 5 g). The music is also cool. Food and drink are also cheap. That's a nice coffeeshop.