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Negative Review Bucketpunch. Sent 22 Nov 2012.
Visited twice, we were the only ones in the place both times, which had a nice Moroccan vibe, furniture etc. it was air-conditioned, which was great. We brought our own smoke and always bought drinks but on our second visit, were told we couldn't smoke weed from other coffeeshops so we left since everywhere else is ok with that.
Negative Review Wackness from UK. Sent 24 May 2010.
Found this place while wandering around and decided to go in for a look. Immediately we felt very unwelcomed by a group of budtenders at the front. I had a look at the menu and felt that nothing hugely stood out so asked if we could just order a few drinks and play pool and were told that we had to buy bud or leave. So we left feeling a little disheartened by the reception we received.
Positive Review Micky W from UK. Sent 1 Jun 2009.
A small coffeeshop in a basement on the Herengracht, could easily be missed if you're not on the lookout, another shop frequented by locals, there was a group of around 6 Moroccan fellas and another younger group of Dutch girls all playing pool on the table that dominates this small shop, they have a winner stays on rule and the Moroccan guys thought they were top players and were mocking the girls everytime they beat one of them, I wanted to put my money down and give one of the guys a good hiding (I'm not being flash, i own a table) but wasn't keen on swimming in the canal! Menu was pretty good and so were the drinks, purchased a gram of Super Silver Haze, a gorgeously tasting smoke and a awesome high, almost lost an eye as I was skinning up due to the fact that the place is small and the seating around the edge is so close to the pool table but all in all it's a decent place, recommended.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
Stumbled across this shop by chance. The owners loved the 4.20 microscope I had to view the buds with. Picked up 2g of the afghan black hash @ 6 eu/g. a bargain in my mind.
Positive Review Andre from Brazil. Sent 26 Feb 2008.
Last time I was in Dam I was walking along the Herengracht and found this tiny but cozy place. Got 1g for 7,50 euros of Royal Cream/ Golden Cream (can't tell now) that was awesome (and cheap) and went back to buy more. Maybe the best hash I've smoked in my life (ok, we don't have that much hash in my country, but it was really good piece, as some Dutchs told me after I went back to buy more). Dealer was very nice. I believe the hash was that good cause the owner is from Morocco. My brother had some weed there (NYDiesel for 9 euros 1g) that was not as good as the hash. Drunk some Moroccan tea. Great.
Positive Review Kokoshka from USA. Sent 11 Feb 2008.
The sign said "Magic Pooltable" and the table took up most of the room in the place. Very nice folks, lots of locals, had a good time.
Positive Review The Wife & I from UK. Visited 01/01/08. Sent 2 Jan 2008.
Great little place, comfy seating & nice music with a great friendly vibe. Cheap delicious coffee and wide menu also! Purchased Silver Haze 7e/g again great smooth smoke and Golden Maroc same price, nice. Only regret with this shop is that I should have gone for more cash. White Widow looked amazing, should have bought that! For us the shop that saved the trip.
Positive Review Pete from USA. Visited July 05. Sent 30 Jan 2006.
Young, local and very friendly to both me and my wife. She was able to access the internet while I accessed their menu and coffeepot.
Positive Review Bob from England. Visited Dec.05. Sent 13 Jan 2006.
Located right next to our hotel so it was the first place we visited. Very small shop with steep steps going down into the front door (mind your head as you go in!). Cool Bob Marley music being played when we went in. The bloke behind the counter was speaking to some regulars but made time to serve us and was quite chatty about where we were from and which hotel we were in etc. Stayed for a coffee (nice) and one of my mates got 2 gram of Northern Lights which we both agreed was quite good for our first smoke of the trip. It has 2 computers with internet connection which were both taken up. The seats weren't that comfortable but all in all it's a great little shop to start your trip if you're stayin in that area. We didn't visit again because there are much better shops around town but for what it was it was great.