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The Magic Mushroom Gallery

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The Magic Mushroom Gallery
smart shop The Magic Mushroom Gallery, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for herbal highs with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Reviews of The Magic Mushroom Gallery Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Missy from USA. Sent 29 Sep 2010.
Picked up "beginners" truffles at this shop by recommendation from the staff. Excellent high but no hallucinations. Also bought some 'shroom tea which enhanced our high from weed we had earlier in the day. Worth a stop even if you just want to see what's available.
Positive Review Esrael from Israel. Sent 25 Sep 2008.
An amazing shop. The shoppers was kind and helpy. That's it.
Positive Review Ziggy from Lithuania. Sent 21 Apr 2008.
Time spent locating the place appeared well worth it. Being kinda freshman in some subjects I got some good advice, good stuff and a discount :) best regards for the staff.
Positive Review Yankee from Germany. Sent 6 Aug 2007.
Under construction at the time, shop moved a couple houses down the street. Bought 35 g's Columbian and 35 g's Equadorian, which I could stomach strangely well. Got extremely stoned, puked back in my hotel, was high for 4 hours after that. Go to Westerpark and look at the beautiful gardens there on a shroom trip, do this!
Negative Review Angelo from Italy. Sent 16 Jul 2007.
Definitely a shop avoid if you want to have stuff sent to your home country by mail. I had a nightmarish experience with them, gave them 57 euros to have them send me a mushroom growkit back home in end of April 2007. I received the package on July 25th, after three months and a lot of money spent on phone calls, let alone a lot of time listening to their lame excuses.
Positive Review Csenorchurls from USA. Sent 27 May 2007.
I was visiting a good friend lately and we were reminiscing about our visit to Amsterdam in Jan 06 and looking at your site when she chided me for not mentioning one of our stops and since she is one of my best friends on this planet I promised to fix my error. We stayed on a houseboat, got completely lost and ended up wandering into the Magic Mushroom Gallery for directions, they not only gave us directions on how to get back to our houseboat but they also sold us some killer shrooms. Her girlfriend had never tried shrooms before, a fact we made the clerk aware of and he steered us towards some gentle ones, we ended up giggling all night watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons (the tape was in the VCR provided by the houseboat) and at one point in the stoned evening she informed us that she had gone to the bathroom and 'pooped butterflies' which of course resulted in more giggles. My mistake is now fixed, two thumbs up for Magic Mushroom Gallery!
Positive Review Deadly Black Haze from Netherlands. Sent 25 Aug 2006.
[To Hash Man] They are forbidden to sell dried shrooms (they are classified as hard drugs now) but they can still sell wet shrooms because of the lesser potency. And they can still be dried at home like most people do now.
Positive Review Kenny from UK. Sent 4 Dec 2005.
This place is top, I highly recommend it, good choice of shrooms and uppers, and all sorts of other stuff, the staff are very friendly and helpful, they also have a swinging garden cradle to sit in, and fresh water waiting whilst you do your shrooms, a must visit!
Positive Review Eric and Chanda from USA. Sent 24 Feb 2005.
A really good find. If anyone is interested in Extasy type feeling drugs, one must not miss trying this stuff they sell there called Explosion. Very cool feeling drug. Very similar to X but not as intense. They also had some beautiful cactus/peyote growing. The staff was really helpful and a proper feeling establishment.
Positive Review Dan from USA. Sent 15 Nov 2004.
Definitely a must stop in the dam. Great service and a wide selection of great shrooms.
Positive Review Hash Man from USA. Sent 10 Nov 2004.
I tried to find this place the whole time I was there. My buddy had some Golden Teachers the last time he was here last year and had a bad trip because they were top powerful so I wanted to try them out. I get there to find out that they don't have Golden Teachers and they only sold wet shrooms instead of dried ones. They had Columbian, Mexican, Colorful, and a whole bunch of herbal ecstasy's, cocaine snorters, pills and other weird things. A cool place to stop in an check it out. Never took shrooms, just acid so I didn't want to take them by myself since I went to Amsterdam by myself.