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Magic Mushroom Gallery 2

smartshop Amsterdam
Magic Mushroom Gallery 2
smart shop Magic Mushroom Gallery 2, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for herbal highs with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, map, inside view, picture
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Neutral Review Sdavid from USA. Sent 13 Jan 2009.
I got some T-shirts and some P. Cyanescens for two people. What I got was a disappointment with their products. A suggested intake for one order was half for a lightweight and the whole for an experienced psychonaut. Mixing both orders I got of the P.C. I ate bought half before going to the Eiffel tower for New Years. I felt a little giggly anxiety as I rode the metro to the Eiffel tower and a slight jelly feeling I usually get when having fungi but it did not last long. The little feelings subsided and I was left disappointed as I rang in the New Year under the Eiffel tower. I had the other half with some ginger honey and a gram and a half of hash, from a friendly on the Paris metro, for breakfast the morning I left for home. I didn't have the stomach trouble I had going out to Paris.
Positive Review Stygian23 from USA. Sent 23 Feb 2006.
Absolutely a great shop located a block west of the Bloemenmarkt on Singel. They carry a large selection of 'shrooms, as well as some pipes and other smart-drugs (steer clear of the HerbalXTC, as it is pure trash). I started everyday of my 5 day trip at the Magic Mushroom, picking up two packs of Hawaiian Copelandia for €30 before enjoying my day. For those looking for an acid-like trip, 2 packets of Hawaiians does the trick. For those who prefer an x-like trip. an order of Philosopher Stones should get you where you want to be. Overall, a very conveniently located and well supplied shop (the one time they were out of Hawaiians I was told to return in fifteen minutes by which time my packets had arrived). Four out of five stars. Very helpful and friendly staff.