Mon Camarade

coffeeshop in Rotterdam
Reviews of Mon Camarade Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Gully from UK sent 30 Jun 2012
Man Camarade has got to be my favorite place to chill in Rotterdam and the weed is amazing here. I have no idea what the other people who have commented are on about quite frankly, they have a varied selection of weed and hash from White Widdow to Bubblegum to Power Plant, which are 3 of my personal favorites. They do change up the selection every so often so you will not get bored and the prices are next to none. They are the same as the Amsterdam shops if not better. I bought 2 grams of White Widdow for 14euros and a gram of Powerplant for 8 euros, you cant get any better then that, also the people who served me explained the differences of the weeds and how strong they were, great shop 9/10.
Negative Review Marc from UK (living Rot) sent 9 Jun 2011
Wandered in after a night at Thurston, atmosphere didn't seem too friendly and the guy wasn't really interested. So got some White Widow for 12 € (I think, was quite drunk at this point) and left. Very disappointing, stuff was old, looked like bush weed and ended up being used instead of tobacco for hash joints. 2/10 (it's open quite late)
Positive Review Rev. Jinx from USA visited 25 Nov 06; sent 28 Apr 2007
I played in Rotterdam on tour with my band. Locals weren't being very nice about revealing coffeeshop locations. We bumped into two Middle Eastern guys and they led us to Man Camrade. This was the first coffeeshop I had ever been to. There was excellent reggae on the radio and they had a good menu with excellent prices. Everyone was very nice, so we stayed and toked for a while. Their Skunk was very good, but the Super Polm hash was my favorite. I returned the following day to purchase some of their wares for the road.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 4 Aug 2005
This low key shop has a small range of weed and hash, but does have a intimate style about itself, very low end in a good way, doesn't have glitter and glamour, but instead has some killer Orange Bud for 5 euros a gram, just ask for it, and you will get a great hand selected amount, if you purchase five grams for 25 euros this is one of the best deals in Rotterdam. The locals also love this place, so if you go in, and there are 20 Moroccans all drinking thee and smoking hash, then you know you are in the right place, if you go in and there is no one at all inside, you know they have just toked down, and are all passed out now.
Positive Review Greg from Netherlands sent 29 Apr 2004
A local shop that holds 50 people, this shop is hidden within the other shops on the Middlenstraat. It has all drinks, and a nice variety of games, including billiards. 4 kinds of hash, and 4 kinds of weed, this shop does not offer any incentive to shop there, but is a nice clean good local shop, that I frequent often.