Amsterdam Map

This is an interactive map of all of the remaining coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in central Amsterdam in 2018.


The map has been shrunk to fit on your device. Please stretch it and scroll to the area you are interested in. Click on any shop name for more details. Further info at the bottom of the page (including how to print the map).

Amsterdam District Maps
Amsterdam map key

The rectangles cover significant clusters of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The area of this map is highlighted.

Click on any zone to open its map


You are welcome to print out the map to take with you on your trip to Amsterdam.
If you wish to use it for other purposes then please e-mail me first.

Webmasters please note: these maps are not just scanned images. They were prepared by hand and took many hours of work. If you want to use one on your site then please ensure that it is accompanied by an appropriate credit and a link to this site.