Interactive map of all of the remaining coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in central Amsterdam in 2022.

The map has been shrunk to fit on your device. Please stretch it and scroll to the area you are interested in. Click on any Example shop spot shop name for more details. Further info at the bottom of the page (including how to print the map).

Softland Flower Power Mr K & Co Johnny Coffeeshop Amsterdam (Dampkring) Green Place 2 The Store (Doors) The Bulldog Rockshop Siberie Prix D'Ami Central 420 Cafe (de Kuil) Bulldog No.90 Kadinsky 2 Paradox Grey Area Abraxas Rick's Coffeeshop GreenHouse Centrum City Hall Kadinsky Tertulia Tweede Kamer Strain Hunters Kadinsky 3 Rusland Bagheera Bluebird De Dampkring Old Church Greenhouse Namaste Overkant Hortus Het Ballonnetje The Saint The Bushdocter The Dolphins Happy Feelings 't Keteltje Bronx Spirit Black Star Rockland The Bulldog Palace The Rookies Noon Amnesia Barney's Coffeeshop Greenhouse Lounge / Cookies Popeye Otherside Easy Times 2 Free I Easy Times Superskunk / Tops Get Down To It Hunter's Rembrandtsquare Family First Andalucia Balou Boerejongens Centre Barney's Lounge Kooi Smokey Reefer Basjoe Solo Crush Green Place Voyagers Resin De Kroon Terps Army (El Guapo) The Plug Utopia Barraka Jolly Joker Rock-It The Greenhouse Effect Goa Het Gelderse Feels Good Babylon Sativa New Times Mediterrane The Bulldog Energy
Amsterdam District Maps

Map of Amsterdam Main map Haarlemmerbuurt/Staatsliedenbuurt map De Baarsjes map Frederik Hendrikbuurt map De Pijp map Oost map Zeeburg map


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