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Frederik Hendrikbuurt District Crawl Map

This is an interactive map of coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in 2020.

The map has been shrunk to fit on your device. Please stretch it and scroll to the area you are interested in. Click on any shop spot shop name for more details. Further info at the bottom of the page

Frederik Hendrikbuurt Map Lucifera Supermarkt Sensemillia Hugo Funky Munkey Cheech and Chong 2 Eerste Hulp Main map
Map Key

shop spot = Coffeeshop still open for business in 2020.

Click on any shop spot or name to read all about it.

Amsterdam Key
Amsterdam map key main map Pijp map Frederik Hendrikbuurt map Oost map Zeeburg map Haarlemmerbuurt/Staatsliedenbuurt map De Baarsjes map

The rectangles cover significant clusters of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The area of this Frederik Hendrikbuurt map is highlighted.

Click on a zone to open a map

This map shows a cluster of coffeeshops just to the west of the Jordaan.

The title of this map does not really describe the area it covers. It's defined by the group of coffeeshops rather than a distinct neighbourhood.

In reality it's more of a crossroads at the intersection of three districts.

Frederik Hendrikbuurt itself is the area around Hugo de Grootplein and along Frederik Hendrikstraat.

De Clercqstraat is in Da Costabuurt.

Rozengracht is in the Jordaan.

Getting There

Walking along Rozengracht, past coffeeshops Black Star and Flower Power on the main map, will bring you to the junction with Marnixstraat between Funky Munkey and 1e Hulp on this map.

Alternatively, following the Bloemgracht, close to Paradox coffeeshop, and crossing the bridges over Lijnbaansgracht and Singelgracht leads to Hugo de Grootplein.

It's not far to walk from the centre but trams 13, 14 and 17 run along Rozengracht to stops around the junction with Marnixstraat.

Trams 3, 10 and 12 also pass through this area (there are tramlines along Frederik Hendrikstraat, Marnixstraat and De Clercqstraat) but these routes do not go to Dam Square or Centraal Station.