Coffeeshops in Oost, Amsterdam

Interactive map of cannabis coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in 2023.

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shop spot Coffeeshop still open for business in 2023.

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This map shows a cluster of coffeeshops to the south east of the city centre. It's part of Oost (East) district to the south of the Oosterpark including Weesperzijde, Oosterparkbuurt,Transvaalbuurt and a corner of Dapperbuurt. The rest of Dapperbuurt is on the Zeeburg map with Smoke Palace being on both maps.

Getting There

Trams 1, 3 and 19 run through this area but these are all west-east routes that don't go directly to the city centre.

The metro does offer a direct connection from the centre to the Wibautstraat station marked with an 'M' on the map.

It's not far out of the centre on foot. Weesperstraat, which heads towards the bottom right corner of the main map leads into Wibautstraat at the top left corner of this map.