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Coffeeshops in De Pijp, Amsterdam

Interactive map of cannabis coffeeshops open for business and welcoming tourists in 2020.

The map has been shrunk to fit on your device. Please stretch it and scroll to the area you are interested in. Click on any shop spot shop name for more details. Further info at the bottom of the page

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Map Key

shop spot Coffeeshop still open for business in 2020.

Click on any shop spot or name to read all about it.

Tram line symbol Tram line.

Tram stop symbol Tram stop.

The Albert Cuypmarkt occupies the section of Albert Cuypstraat between the tram routes, is open Monday to Saturday and sells everything.

Amsterdam Key

Amsterdam map key main map Pijp map Frederik Hendrikbuurt map Oost map Zeeburg map Haarlemmerbuurt/Staatsliedenbuurt map De Baarsjes map

The rectangles cover significant clusters of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The area of this Pijp map is highlighted.

Click on a zone to open its map


This map shows a cluster of coffeeshops just to the south of central Amsterdam.

The area covered roughly corresponds to the district known as De Pijp (The Pipe).

There is a small gap between the main map and this one.

Getting There

The quickest way to get from the centre to the Pijp is by tram.

Trams 16 and 24 go from Centraal Station down Damrak to Dam square and on down Vijzelstraat to a convienient stop at Albert Cuypstraat, near Katsu, Club Media and De Graal.

The easiest route to walk is the same way: Down Vijzelstraat, past coffeeshops Mellow Yellow and Little on the main map. Straight across the Weteringcircuit and you should find yourself by a bridge across the Singelgracht. On the other side, the Heineken brewery should be visible. Pass to the right side of the brewery following the tramlines. You are now on Ferdinand Bolstraat at the top of this map.