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coffeeshop in Haarlem
Reviews of Maximillian Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Anon. sent 20 Dec 2018
This was my favourite coffeeshop in September. The Blueberry Haze was *****
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam sent 29 Dec 2010
It's a good coffeeshop, give nice bags and they sell tobaccos for 0.30 euro each! And if you're in Holland during Christmas you get some free weed 2! You get Gruis (shake) like 0.5 grams. They started to sell Lemon Haze 2, I would recommend that only 10eu a gram. Nice hash menu, would recommend that spot anytime.
Positive Review Chilly from USA sent 17 Feb 2009
Nice local's shop. Comfortable friendly atmosphere. Worth a stop if you're in the area. Good music. They offer 5E hash deals. Had an Amnesia on the menu for 11G, just bought some from Willie Wortel's for 13E. Bought a 5er of Super Pohm (.71g). Rolled it into a joint of the Amnesia Haze for a nice buzz.
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Stopped in for a quick toke and cup of tea. People nice and friendly. Didn't buy any weed to report on.
Positive Review Mahasamatman from USA sent 20 Sep 2004
Nice coffeeshop, sort of cafe style, with about 5 tables that seat four each. Lots of locals (the nice part of not being in Amsterdam). A Dutch youth chatted me up in English (he needed the practice). This is a great place if you want to buy a smaller amount of weed/hash as all their deals are all on par money-wise (5 or 12 Euros) with the quantities varying (instead of the cost). I had the Power Plant which was good quality. Their menu is balanced pretty evenly between weed and hash. I liked the feel of this coffeeshop. It has a hip, younger vibe. Some of the Haarlem coffeeshops have more older and middle-eastern customers (like Empire), but this one was mainly filled with younger Netherlanders each time I went in. I recommend it.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 15 Dec 2003
A few blocks south from Vroom & Dreesman on the opposite side of the road is this busy little shop with a distinctive metallic walled interior and high wooden tables with inset metal ashtrays. Lamps like two-inch high Xmas tree lamps are inset into the aluminium panelled walls to give not quite enough illumination - especially since several were missing or not working, though the green light ropes on the edges of the six glass shelves behind the small bar/counter helped! Facilities include Photoplay and a Williams No Fear pinball, as usual in excellent working order. Pre-bagged deals and drinks alike are served from the same counter, but there's no food beyond the inevitable chocolate bars and bags of crisps. The coffee-drinking half of our 'gestalt entity' proclaimed the espresso coffee here 'lousy,' but frankly, we'll both forgive a lot for a cracking pinball machine in a pleasant shop. Somehow the bass here was truly pounding given the overall reasonable volume of the music, something our other half (the ex-BBC Audio Assistant) could only conjecture was an artefact caused by either a) the placement of the impossibly tiny speakers in the games alcove at the back of the shop causing a resonance effect, or b) an amp. with a really fierce 'loudness' button. Very friendly owner, whom we saw giving what appeared to be knowledgeable advice on the use of grass for MS relief to a charmingly bewildered-looking elderly married couple in their 60s who were buying a bag of grass, we presume for the first time. Unfortunately our Nederlands is not good enough to follow conversations on unknown subjects, so we'll never know for certain.