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De Mazzelaar

coffeeshop The Hague
De Mazzelaar
coffee shop De Mazzelaar, The Hague ('s-Gravenhage, Den Haag), Zuid Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, Facebook, Instagram, reviews, menu, map, picture
Reviews of De Mazzelaar Number of Positive Reviews 7 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Zagan from USA. Sent 20 Sep 2018.
This coffeeshop has an internet-cafe feel and is very popular with the locals. Everyone in the smoking room was on phones, tablets, and computers. This coffeeshop was outstanding for me because it was the only one outside of Amsterdam that I could find where they loan you a vaporizer for use if you want it. The mouth-pieces go for 1 Euro each and are washed with the dishes.
Positive Review Caveat from Netherlands. Sent 28 Aug 2012.
Friendly girl behind the counter, no wietpas nonsense (yet!). Big bargain baggie 5g for 30 bucks was a good deal, and they threw in a book of papers/filters too! Interesting water feature in the corner, with little figures that start to move if you smoke too much (enough?).
Positive Review The Doctor from UK. Sent 3 Dec 2009.
Due to its location this is more a local's coffeeshop. The staff, pre-packed weed/hash and prices are good but not a great deal of choice. Coffee machine coffee and dining chair style seating is uncomfortable for long stays but they have good, fast internet and free WiFi for your own laptop. Packing 0.3 to 0.4 grams of weed into a pre-roll ensures a reputation for the best available.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil. Sent 17 Mar 2009.
Nice shop but I didn't spend much time in there as the budtender was having ethnic food with his friends (rather smelly) so I bought a bag of Bubbles and left, all the weed and hash are already in bags so you can't check the gear properly. Bubble(s) is an average weed find all over Holland, locals just love it they say is the best weed in Holland (I don't think so).
Positive Review BAC from Netherlands. Sent 11 Jul 2005.
Hash: Primeur 6 euro 1.0g 12 euro 2.2g; Super Caramello 6 euro 1.2g 12 euro 2.4g; Nepal 12 euro 2.1g.
Positive Review Jos from The Hague. Sent 10 Apr 2005.
This shop is also an internetcafe. It's not so busy most of the time. The crew is polite, just like the other people in the shop. I have to recommend a bag of Crystal for 12 euros, it's a huge bag! Crystal is the favourite weed of a lot of people from The Hague. They also have White Widow, which is good as well, but if it's not sold out, make sure you get a bag of Crystal for 12 euros (2.8 gr.) All with all, it's a good shop.
Positive Review Roderick from Netherlands. Sent 9 Feb 2005.
Very good weed for an acceptable price. The best types of weed are: White Widow € 6, Superskunk € 6, Powerskunk € 8 or € 10 and Gruis which you can get for any price and Gruis is all the weed combined together. I'm not getting weed there all the time since I'm underaged (I have just become 16) but when I don't get it from my dealer I always go the Mazzelaar! If I could give it a grade from 0 till 10 I would give it a 12!