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BoldmoveNY from USA. Sent 24 Oct 2009.
This place has late hours sometimes and the hash is bright fresh and low cost. The buds are decent but, by the look of the dealer, I would prefer the hash over the bud in this place.
Dan from England. Sent 7 Feb 2006.
This coffeeshop is located next to the Tourist Inn (where I have stayed 3 times) and isn't the largest of places. It's a real "Dutch" place and not intended for newbie- tourists. However if you know your weed they are good people. Nice bar area and somewhere that's pretty cool for a pre-redlight district blaze as it's 5mins aways and free of hustle and bustle. Got some wickedly fresh silver from there too- and the bartender gave me and my friends pretty cool Mediteranee stickers too. Give it a shot, might be your thing.
Heynow1210 from USA. Sent 11 Apr 2005.
This was one of the worst experiences of my recent trip. Bad blue light upon entrance and young guy behind the counter who likes to talk to himself (as there's no one else in there). There is a pool table and several internet stations which look clean and hardly used. The bartender is really what I have a problem with. Condescending towards Americans.