Meeting Point

coffeeshop in Rhenen
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Positive Review Jesscass visited June 2018; sent 10 Jun 2018
Modern but basic and small place with vending machines and a separated smoking room providing about twenty comfy looking seats. On the menu they sold about seven strains of wiet and about three when it comes to hasj. Gruis (7€/g), White Widow (8,5€/g), Amnesia (10,5€/g), Moonflower and Jack Herer. Looked ok enough. Hashwise it was Pollen (7€/g), Nepal (8€/g) and Hya (10€/g). Friendly and young Moroccan budtender told me to get their blonde Hya which I did without regret; nothing to moan about. Could be worse in such a small city with only one shop I guess.