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Mellow Yellow

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Reviews of Mellow Yellow Number of Positive Reviews 21 Number of Neutral Reviews 4 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Claudio from Brazil. Sent 30 Oct 2012.
The best coffeeshop in Ams to me. Nice Royal Hash, very nice sativa Dr. Greenspoon. Great coffee. The place is great. Very nice budtender. 10/10
Neutral Review Marcel from Netherlands. Sent 9 Aug 2011.
Don't go here, go to The Noon instead. Sure, they each offer the same weed, but the budtenders at The Noon are a lot friendlier in general, they give bigger bags if you buy large, plus it's a much nicer place to chill out.
Negative Review Atxxim from Portugal. Sent 22 Feb 2011.
Love Possion, strong parsley flavor (maybe because of too much presence on the "genetics").
Positive Review Q from Amsterdam. Sent 29 Dec 2010.
This is the coffeeshop to get your Amnesia Haze. It's good and only 8 euro a gram! And you should definitely try out the S5 Haze, it's 13 euro for a gram but, if you get 5grams, you get it for 50,- euro's. Only know the Super Polm hashish there. Pretty heavy stuff, very smooth smoke.
Positive Review DeathRowRecords from UK. Sent 13 Sep 2009.
Great deals on Blueberry, not the most potent but a great taste and a bargain for the price at 7E/g, 13E for 2g, 28E for 5.My girlfriend bought some Mako Haze at 11E/g which was the chronic, hitting that in the pipe tickled the hell out of my throat, excellent strong Haze hit. Very friendly young dudes running the shop, and plenty of room to relax upstairs. Certainly recommended with a mix of locals and tourists, many with their 3 bottles of Heineken in the green bag from the tour of the nearby Heineken Experience.
Positive Review Matt H from Canada. Sent 5 Jul 2009.
The lounge is always clean. No music played though. Nice and quiet. The Blueberry was quiet nice. Visible scale with a microscope as well. Definitely come here if you're a connoisseur and want to learn the true origins of the coffeeshop system.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany. Sent 18 May 2009.
Very cool shop with very good stuff to fairly prices, I tested the Trainreck and was so stoned from them.
Positive Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA. Visited July '08. Sent 7 Jan 2009.
Gotta love this old timer of the coffee shop scene. Always clean, and full of great choices. And real easy to find. Picked up 2 g of the Pot Of Gold, a great indica stoner bud. Also got 2g of the Blueberry, which happens to be one of their signature buds. Really great flavor. Last but not least, got a g of the Super Silver Haze. This is the #1 requested bud in the dam these days, a little too uppity for me, but still a nice kind bud.
Positive Review Doody from USA. Sent 24 Jul 2008.
They call it Mellow Yellow, quite righteously, check this shop out. A place with two levels, a nice big seating area as you walk in, with the wiet and beverage counter at the back, several tables with padded stools and nice big windows looking out to the street in front. There are big TV screens about for sports and music video, and a nice juke box, they were playing a great mix of rock, reggae, and hip-hop. The lighting is very good, not too dark, not too bright. The upstairs level is also very spacious with several more tables and padded seating around the walls, nice open windows letting in a relaxing breeze, computer terminals, a Jack-Bot pinball machine, a foosball table, and also a couch for napping ha ha. The menu was great (see my pic on the menu web-site) with about 15 wiet choices, and 12 hasj choices. Unfortunately they were out of the best Hazes while I was there, so I got the "White Widow" at 10e a gm., and it was very, very good. The staff was quite friendly and made a delicious cappuccino. They also have several bongs, pipes, and a volcano vaporizer to use. Very cool and historic shop to visit.
Positive Review Tyler H from USA. Visited June 07. Sent 4 Feb 2008.
I had to stop here after hearing about it in person, in one of the Kottonmouth Kings songs, and just the name itself. I bought the "Pot-o-Gold" which was rather expensive on the menus chart. Light green with few crystals and a good amount of red hairs were present on the buds. They had a funny light piney almost citrus smell, moderate and standard smoke about it. This place was out of our way and was decent. The people working took time in a busy environment to get us a clean bong, which was awesome. I liked this place for some reason I didn't leave for almost an hour and didn't do anything but smoke constantly.
Positive Review LeeRash from USA. (living in A'dam) Sent 1 Dec 2007.
I love this shop, the people here are friendly as hell and helpful and I love smoking outta the vaporizer with em too. The deals they have are awesome and I love their White Melon and Blueberry weed.
Neutral Review Stoner Association from UK. Sent 9 Nov 2007.
Was friendly, menu wasn't great for prices although the Budtender gave us over and the Eastcoast Trainwreck was immense.
Positive Review Lindser from USA. Sent 14 Mar 2007.
Consistently offered friendly service, they remembered my first name, rolled my joints for me when I asked, cleaned the bongs everyday and had the dankest pre-rolled pures I could find. The coffee shop itself was clean, well-lit, adequate space at tables and had clean bathrooms. I miss morning bong rips with them!
Positive Review Jake from UK. Sent 12 Jan 2007.
My wife and I discovered this excellent little coffeeshop as it was located conveniently just around the corner from the hotel where we stayed. I particularly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Mellow Yellow; they had good music playing and the proprietor was both friendly and helpful. Good coffee and orange juice on offer, in addition to all the usual suspects - marijuana etc. I would definitely return to the Mellow Yellow during future visits to the 'Dam!
Positive Review Anna from UK. Sent 17 Sep 2006.
After arriving in Amsterdam at 11pm we looked up the road outside our accommodation to see a bright yellow light, we smoked our first joint of our holiday in Mellow Yellow and returned every morning and evening before going in or out of the centre. I have to say it was the nicest shop we went to on our trip, the owner was extremely welcoming and would often sit with myself and friends chatting about nothing. Would recommend anyeveryone visits this shop, not only for the history of the shop but the atmosphere and staff (especially the cute puppy) made our trip.
Neutral Review Courtjester from USA. Sent 15 Aug 2006.
We got Mellow Berry (5G/E25), which had nice, red hairs, and smoked great. On the other hand, they easily were the smallest buds we saw in Amsterdam, so no matter how well they smoked, I'd look elsewhere next time.
Positive Review Cathleen from USA. Sent 6 Aug 2005.
At Mellow Yellow I sampled Super Skunk. It was a great first smoke in Amsterdam. This strain gives you a great high, but yet you can still function while walking around the city. The interior of Mellow Yellow was great with nice comfy black couches on the second level and big yellow coffee tables. They have a pinball machine and a video game station on the second level as well. There are several silver tables and chairs up there too. The mix of tourists and Dutch was cool, and the American classic rock gave me a sort of trippy feeling. Their menu had plenty of choices, although not an overwhelming number from which to choose. This place had a really mellow, inviting vibe as soon as we walked in, and I felt extremely comfortable there.
Positive Review Kevin from UK. Sent 2 Dec 2004.
I actually saw this coffeeshop getting alot of stick on the Internet also, but I found that because it was further out from Dam Square it had less touristy people in so it was very relaxed. One guy was telling us about all the different types of weed and hash, and the effects it would have on us so I suppose he was quite helpful. He wanted us to stay for a smoke with him which was cool aswell, but we were already too mashed! Definitely a good coffeeshop! I thought it was a belter!
Positive Review Dirty Dogg. Sent 14 May 2004.
Good company, good shop, took a group of first time friends there what a day, it may be drab decor, but after a joint who cares about the paint.
Positive Review Darren from UK. Sent 28 Mar 2004.
This was our first stop of the day, it was nice inside, the bar was upstairs with a nice if limited selection of weed and hash, drinks were cheap too. We stayed here a few hours and quickly found a deli a few blocks down which greatly benefited from our little session ;)
Positive Review Sherry and Perry from USA. Sent 14 Mar 2004.
Personally, we loved our visit to the Mellow Yellow and cherish the friends we made throughout our stay in Amsterdam. That black light bathroom is something we need to get started in our construction remolding business and especially in our personal home. We miss the coffee, White Widow and good company.
Positive Review TK from UK. Sent 21 Aug 2003.
First of all don't smoke anything called 'Thai', 'Nigerian' etc because it's all the same and it's all shit, that is, bad shit. My hotel was round the corner from here so I came a lot, enjoyed some nice Jack Herrer and passed the days quite comfortably. The owners are pretty intense and have an intelligently dispassionate attitude towards tourists that some may perceive as unfriendliness. One major plus is that, even when busy, it lacks the claustrophobic environment of many coffeeshops, lots of light and lots of air, even if they could perhaps put something decent on the stereo sometime. The freshly squeezed orange juice is really good, the Citral hash was pleasant, and the staff are cool. This place gets slagged off a lot on the net by people who are, by my estimations, pretentious wannabes and delicate types.
Positive Review Stuart from Australia. (staying in NL) Sent 16 Jun 2003.
Although old and outdated, provides an old world feel to what in some cases has become a fast weed business. Mello has a nice feel to it, wander in and put your feet up, have a Coke or two (the owner loves the coke stuff, look at the decor) blow a joint or two and have a friendly chat with Michael while you're there.
Positive Review Ed from UK. Sent 19 Nov 2002.
This shop has got a fat menu allowing you to see the weed or hash before you buy. The Thai was a bit of a let down but the Afghan Cream hash is heavy. Roll it in to a sausage and put it in the middle of your joint you will be blowing in the wind. The stairs are a bit difficult to get down holding cups of coffee after 3 hours solid smoking. You're meant to pay for the toilet but just pull the door and it will open. Stop in here then head just down the street to Little and you can't go wrong. My only gripe is the fact that they have MTV on all the time but if you have mini disk just put that on and kick back
Neutral Review Nathan from Canada. Sent 8 Oct 2002.
Located just above the Prinsen Gracht on the right side. The weed was alright. but it had a pay toilet that accepted 20 cent euro's, did not accept anything smaller and didn't give change. so be ready!
Positive Review Clare from UK.
The coffeeshop was lovely, and the staff there were really friendly, (not just the nice because you were a customer either). It was a bit of a walk fro the dam square, but i'd strongly recommend a stop there if passing.
Very friendly if in big groups! not that bothered if two people.
Negative Review Aaron from UK. Sent 26 Mar 2002.
Very poor! It is one of the first coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and it looks like they still sell the same strains and haven't decorated since!