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Reviews of Metamorphose Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review JustinCase sent 19 Nov 2018
Metamorphose has a Verdamper in the counter as it is the no tobacco area. There is also a rookruimte [smoking room]. Service and quality are top notch. Owner (achterdeur guy) super friendly. Spent several hours there. Came back again and again.
Positive Review Viking from Norway sent 27 Jul 2013
I bought a few grams of Jack Herrer, really nice strain of cannabis that made the day very pleasant, you can actually smoke a bit of it without getting super stoned. The staff was really happy and friendly, they understood English and it seemed like they didn't care if we were tourists. Go there if you are in Groningen!
Positive Review gacarlo from Groningen sent 16 Nov 2011
One of the best in Groningen. They have a good and relaxed smoke room. Always fresh art on the wall and an impressive bong. Only pre-sealed in Groningen but first choice maybe cheaper than in the city. I think the best way is to take one bag of each of their selection, new strains every time I visit. Friendly staff, they give me good information about head shops and to tour town.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 19 Jul 2011
Nice shop. Decent sized smoking area. Killer Queen a good strain. Friendly staff/ patrons. Recommended.
Positive Review Harry from UK sent 24 Jul 2010
I liked this place, I found the staff and locals very friendly and open, the menu and advice was good. Good location on a nice street, also good to relax and soak up the local vibe.
Negative Review Stonymahoni from Germany sent 24 Sep 2009
This is one of the badest coffeeshops I've ever seen. I live near the Netherlands border and I smoke roundabout 25 years. Normally I smoke only good weed, I asked the owner for good weed and he gave me 2G of very well smelling weed. For the weed with the highest price, I should take min. 5G. So I took a weed for a price of 10€ (for this shit). I paid 10 € p/G. The weed smells like weed, but you feel nearly nothing after smoking and it tastes very bad. Unfortunately I left the city of Groningen 10 minutes after this. Normally I would drive back and get my money back. I think, if the owner checks that you come from farer away, you will get the plants from the roof for a very high price. I put the whole weed in the trash, you can't smoke a shit like that.
Positive Review Otto from Groningen sent 12 Aug 2008
Nice shop with good weeds for good prices. It never appealed me to sit down and smoke a joint there, but it's pretty nice there. It's just a lot brighter than most shops, so that's just different. The music and art there is pretty cool but weird. Definitely a shop worth checking out, they always have some kinds of weed that you don't see in the rest of town.
Negative Review Robert from UK sent 26 Mar 2008
The general atmosphere in this place is not very friendly and a little hostile. Maybe because the owner is only concerned about money?! I think the quality and price are out of balance. There are better places to go in Groningen.
Neutral Review Tom from USA sent 27 Aug 2007
I've heard lots of good things about this shop and was a bit disappointed when I got the evil eye from everyone hanging around outside and all the customers inside, but the budtender was really friendly. I bought a gram of Nepalese, a gram of Lebanese, and some strain that begins with an S. They were all around 8e a gram. Unfortunately, I forgot the full name and that is the only label on the bag. I took my bags and left because of the staredown from the crowd. So much for the supposed lack of an anti-social atmosphere. One plus point for super friendly service.
Positive Review Alun from UK sent 11 Jul 2005
I enjoyed this my first Groningen Coffeeshop and I enjoyed the Snow White weed.
Positive Review Nikki from Groningen sent 26 May 2004
For people that like to relax. Not been there many times. Always been helped in a good way there.
Positive Review Slavko from Groningen sent 27 Feb 2004
I would very much like to endorse coffeeshop The Metamorphose. Not for its super-potent weed or something. But for their cool relaxed relax. I find most coffeeshops in Holland, well in Groningen at least, are somewhat of an anti-social atmosphere. The Meta is not. It has a teahouse atmosphere with art-expositions. It is the best place to get stoned in Groningen and surroundings.
Positive Review Rammen from Netherlands sent 15 Oct 2003
Metamorphose is my favourite coffeeshop in Groningen. They sell a grass called "flits" and that's the best thing I've ever smoked.