coffeeshop in Enschede
Reviews of Miami Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Negative Review Unknown from Germany sent 10 Oct 2021
The prerolled "Super Joint" is a scam. It's about 2g of tobacco with 0,2g of weed leftovers. Maybe it's also because the immense amount of nicotine you're taking in, but you just don't feel much apart from that. Can't recommend!
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 May 2019
Miami is another great shop in Enschede, apart from the Sharon. Since the Sharon never has any space for us we tend to crash there. Depending on the mood and who is there we end up getting a free coffee and a smile. The weed is prepacked and the deal that Jesscass mentioned are ideal for those living nearby, like Münster or Gronau. Mostly students just wanted to grab their stash and ride the train back to Germany. Great place to smoke!
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
After showing your passport you enter the bar area. To the right there is a dealer counter and opposite from there a small bar with stools as well as room for fifteen people and a billard table in front of it. In the back of the shop there is a sitting area which fits about forty people. All in all a small shop but with a smart layout and relatively comfy space for sitting down. Maybe a bit bright due to lighting. Also comes up with clean bongs. Menu was for weed: Restgras (=shake and a hilarious name which is appreciated, 5€/g), Super Skunk (7€/g), Power Plant (8€/g), K2 (8€/g), Bubble Gum (9€/g), Amnesia Haze (11€/g). Hash: Polm (5€/g), Cobra (7,5€/g) and Hia (10€). When shown the Hia it was obvious about the quality. Bit pricey perhaps but considering location and all that a still authentic piece of resin which I wouldn't mind about smoking on for the rest of my life even though there is better hashish to be had in general. As said before I'm not into 5g-deals but here the only discount I consider worth it at coffeeshops is too on which is you pay for four but get five grams. All in all Moroccan guys here offer the best deal in town when it comes to price-performance ratio.
Positive Review HuBeZa from Israel sent 9 Jul 2011
Front room got a pool table, coffee bar and a dealer's booth. The smoking room is on the back. Don't expect any fancy decoration like Amsterdam's coffeeshops. It actually looks like an old office space. The lights are dim and pleasant, wide padded chairs, large wooden dining tables which were sparkling clean. They offer different kinds of bongs and tobacco replacements. The cappuccino was quite good and cost only 1€. Super Skunk (7€) - pleasant high sensation that did not get me tired at all. Made me laugh a lot. On the down side, the staff didn't understand English. Fortunately, coffee, milk and Super Skunk sound much the same in Dutch as in English.
Positive Review Max from Germany sent 15 Feb 2010
Very cool shop with very nice weed and hash! I bought Cobra and Polm - very good stuff :)! If you buy 4g you get 1g for free! Cool atmosphere. Music is OK! You can smoke nice, big bongs, pure or with tabac!
Positive Review Marian from Germany sent 25 Aug 2008
The Miami is after the Cafe Mix the best coffeeshop in Enschede. They sell some good 7-8€ weed like Power Plant and K2. The atmosphere isn't so good, the music isn't a chill;-). Every time when I go to Enschede I go first in the Miami and from there to the cafe Mix. All other coffeeshops are really unfriendly or with shit weed, or both.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
Just reopened when I was on my last trip (Nov 2007), I met a bartender at Moby Dick. The staff is great and there was a female dealer who was super helpful getting me super ripped on great gear. Clean glass bongs and great beverage selection. The atmosphere is trippy they have an alien in the window, but the also have a huge plasma TV for vegging on videos and soccer/football.
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 13 Sep 2007
Now in the city. Nice shop but always full.
Positive Review Ramon from Germany sent 14 Mar 2007
Nice shop, nice furniture, very kind staff and I got a drink for free, the weed is also very good, I went to many shops in the hood of the border of Germany and I like this shop the most. A 9!
Neutral Review Tarro from Italy sent 14 Feb 2007
Nice furniture at the bar, but I found only Arabian men between 40's to 60's inside, or something like this, making the shop a little noisy. Pol is 5€/gr: good! But they cut it at the moment, like a piece of cheese, not sure is always exactly 1 gr!
Positive Review Florian from Germany sent 19 Dec 2006
Miami opened again 2-3 weeks ago near the train station, "Club Casanova" and "Wok to Go". Very friendly (we got free drinks and talked to the owner), very sweet weed. I remember Super Skunk, Power Plant and K2 for 8€ and some low quality weed/5€. Best shop in Enschede in my opinion.
Negative Review Lukas from Germany sent 26 Aug 2006
Closed some time ago.
Positive Review Enrico from Germany sent 8 Jan 2006
Nice place I have this place forgot, and I must 2 h around Enschede walk to find this shop ;). In this shop like it the clean bongs, already to smoke it! In this shop is are other atmosphere we in the Enschede-city shops, in the city shops ripping the (Marrocan) peoples the tourists from Germany. Tip for Enschede go around the city z.b: at Miami.
Positive Review Herr Grau from Germany sent 25 Dec 2005
I've been to the Miami a few days ago and it was pretty ok. The guy who checked if we were 18 was strange and didn't look like a usual controller 'cause he was very young. But further the staff is not unfriendly but I didn't really talk to more guys than the dealer; the menu is small but ok, they have Powerplant, K2, Skunk and Super Skunk, each for 6€ a gram and they sell restgrass for 20€/5g which I heard is pretty smart, too. I took PP and wasn't disappointed, although I was a little sad they had no "deluxe-weed" or something like that because I would have spend much more money if they'd had something special. I didn't check the hash, because I'm not interested in it, but I heard from some guys in there, the Ketama down the street should be better for hash. All in all the Miami is nice and chilled, but beware of the staircase, it's very steep and dangerous if you go down being stoned!
Positive Review Chris from Germany sent 4 Aug 2004
It's a little shop but with enough place to chill. The staff is very friendly and the dealer too. They got a wide range of clean glass bongs and more than 5 different sorts of papers and that's. They got two different types of weed, Super Skunk (in my opinion the best weed of Enschede) and PP (Power Plant) (It's also very nice!). The hash is also very good, they offer sorts like Hia and Super Cobra. If you go to Enschede you have to go to coffeeshop Miami!
Positive Review Anke from Germany sent 16 Apr 2004
Two houses further on from Peter bar, it is small but there are very good things there, the people are after first time friendlier and loose, two floors, nevertheless not very nicely furnished. Table football available.