Cafe Mix

coffeeshop in Enschede
Reviews of Cafe Mix Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Mary.dusa from Germany sent 19 Dec 2022
I loooooove this shop. I've never felt more comfortable at any place! It took me 2 minutes to warm up, it was my first coffeeshop and I'm socially pretty awkward. This could be my safe space like for real. The weed was hella fuggin good! We went to Miami and another shop near there and I left immediately because I felt very uncomfy. We only went to the other shops 'cause Mix was full of people sadly. The customer service was incredible. Like you know them for a long time even if you met just now.
Neutral Review Rafiki from Germany sent 27 May 2019
The place isn't a coffeeshop per se. It's a big café with somewhat comfy seats. At one table there is an old guy with a suitcase sitting selling the stuff. We got some 'African' weed that had seeds in it. Given the choices / other coffeeshops found in Enschede there is no need to go back to this weird place. Only plus point we see is a Jumbo right across from the café.
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Indeed a shop set up as a classic café (you know a real café, not a boring chain). Really comfy, bright and table service. Also they treat bong smokers well here! Little snacks and usual beverages also. Too a patio in front of the shop located on a shopping street which is ideal for social studies. By the way, most shops in Enschede are often on relatively busy shopping streets and not only in a dodgy side street as so often in Dutch towns except for roughly Amsterdam, 's-Gravenhage or Rotterdam. Their weed menu and quality isn't too special but their approach on hashish is better if not outstanding unfortunately. Again, you can't have it all, right? Tried their embarrassingly named Swazi Cobra at 12.5€/g which was more of a blonde Moroccan with a nice enough taste and uppish effects as well as their Caramello for 10.5€/g which was according to the dealer who is sitting at a table in opposite of the bar you stand in front of when you enter the shop is the most selling item on the menu. Also a nice enough smoke but not too special. Nonetheless this is a great shop for consumption and easily in my top ten of all time now as we spent a couple of lovely evenings inside with decent music on and a mixed crowd (you are only allowed to enter when you're at least 19 years old). Great place and recommended!
Positive Review Team England sent 27 Apr 2012
Great shop. In my top 5 in Netherlands. Very central and very unintimidating both inside and out. Cafe atmosphere, friendly staff, great weed and hash selections, consistently best in town. Large bar in front, with dealer at the table to your right, large bright smoking room. Smoking outside is allowed after shopping hours.
Positive Review Jack from Germany sent 21 Nov 2010
I have to say that it was the first shop I've went to, and it is very good. They have a huge list with sorts of weed and they are very friendly. Also the atmosphere is very good and the service also. As I smoked too much, they brought me sugar and energy drink for free and explained me what's happening to me (I had not enough sugar in my blood as a cause of to much weed :D ). So, my conclusion is, if you want a good coffee shop, go the Coffe Shop Mix, nice atmosphere, easy to find and nice service, they even speak German ;)
Positive Review TheGreenPeace from Germany sent 13 Mar 2010
It's nice and bright, made like an old American restaurant. Right after entering you will be asked for your ID and you have to be at least 19 years old. Then you can order drinks at the bar or weed or joints at the table to your right. After getting what you wanted you can sit down in a room next door where they have a few couches and some tables. I thought the music was a bit loud and hectic, but I still like it there. The weed was pretty good, too!
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 23 Oct 2007
I think it's the shop with the biggest menu, good weed and hasj. You must been 19 Years to get in.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
The cleanest in Enschede, and the Silver Haze is great. The buying situation is real old school, you sit at the table with the dealer and make the deals (it's real mafia like). I love it. The staff is super accommodating, the jukebox has great music, plenty of clean glass bongs, excellent tea and biscuits. The theme is a bit like a 50's diner from America (think turquoise).
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 13 Sep 2007
Biggest selection of weed/hasji of the coffeeshops in Enschede.
Positive Review Erick from USA sent 26 Mar 2007
One of my very favorites in all of Holland. A friend of mine lives in Enschede and whenever I am in town for a visit we go there. Very bright and open, not your typical "hide in the dark" coffeeshop. One of the owners told me he prefers his cafe to be well lit and comfortable, "He isn't hiding anything," he told me. It's comfortable, much like your own livingroom, stylish and clean. A word of warning: watch out for the low hanging lights above the tables, I banged my head on one of them and the entire place erupted in laughter! The staff have always treated me (an American who speaks and understands very little Dutch) like I was one of their best customers. The prepackaged grass, White Widow being our favorite, and joints are always good quality at a fair price. Everytime I am in Enschede I will be at the Cafe Mix!
Positive Review Tarro from Italy sent 14 Feb 2007
My favourite, very relaxing, seem to be in your living room, a place where play pool or dama, or chess. Sometimes also table service. The stuff is already prepared in little bags, they have Skuff 8€/gr. Very in the centre.
Positive Review Studenti from Germany sent 15 Jun 2006
Mix is a nice shop not far from the town center. A couple of nice sofas, a pooltable and good relaxed music make this shop a perfect place for chillin'. The staff was really friendly without any kind of negative attitude. Just check it when you are in Enschede, to draw your own picture.
Positive Review Shaun from Scotland sent 21 Jul 2005
Very nice shop with good staff and good quality.
Positive Review Anke from Germany sent 16 Apr 2004
Conveniently located in centre of the city. Bright, stylish space with pool, table football and a beautiful sofa to sit on. Plus a bistro area with more seats. Nice place, but I can’t comment on the grass because I’ve only bought joints there.