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Moby Dick

coffeeshop Hengelo
Reviews of Moby Dick Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
Place itself indeed feels like a pub, also reminded me of Cremers in 's-Gravenhage (when they still had that old pub too, not the new poky smoking room next to the shop downstairs); shop is set up as a boat and also has a roomy layout. After entering you pass the billard table in the middle of the room and proceed to the bar in the back. On the left there are other seats and you get to the sorta outdoor area which basically isn't outdoor at all but comes with a big TV set and a couple of more seats. All in all about forty to fifty seats here. They sell roughly seven types of hashish including Red Lebanon, Manali, cheap Afghaan and four other Moroccans as well as four strains of weed (Haze=11€/g , Edelweiss=10€/g, Santa Maria=9€/g, Thai=6€/g) all pre-packed. Not to forget even Moonrocks for 25€/0.5g, 30€/0,6g and 50€/g. Explained my desires and got handed a bag of Super Tetouan (5€ for 0.5g/15€ for 1,8g) which was their most expensive hash. Classic blonde, fluffy but still oily enough Moroccan goodness. Sandalwood to woody taste and strong enough for what it is. Best hashish I found in Hengelo so recommended! Weed looked like the average coffeeshop standard of today. Enjoyed our stay here!
Negative Review Virginie from France sent 26 Jul 2013
Very bad coffeeshop, to be avoided! I bought 10 grams, I received more than 5 grams of leaves! Cannabis of very bad quality and seller not at all cooperative!
Positive Review T-Dawg from USA sent 26 Feb 2009
All in all this place was quite magical. The best way I could describe it is as a place obviously intended for locals, but is very tourist friendly. In fact, they were quite pleased to find out that my buddy and I were tourists. The guy who was working there when I went spoke German and English, and claimed to have spoken many more (which he said somewhat jokingly). The weed was the bomb. We were smashed after 3 bong rips (which they lent out for free). I'd say buy anything between the 7-9 euro range and you'll be ba da ba ba ba lovin' it. The only down side was that he tried to rip us off. He tried to sell us "Cheese haze" for 14Euro/g, but what he gave us to test and smell were quite obviously mid grades. So fall for that.
Positive Review Phill T from UK sent 25 Oct 2008
As per usual a nice place to chill but 2 changes since I was there in July. First the back area of the shop is now behind a glass partition & door to give an "Official" tobacco smoking area (most impressed) & second while the standard menu is still a good basic choice at good prices, they had a Special on of Cheese Haze at either 12 or 12.5 Euros a gram, which was rather nice & worth the price.
Positive Review t_stoned from Austria sent 19 Aug 2008
The best in town. Can smoke free tobacco and mixed joints, also me and the locals around smoked free. Great room and nice terrace. Very friendly dealers consult about the products. About 4 weeds and 4-5 hashes on menu. Purchased: 10e/g Santa Maria. The best sativa I smoked this year, meanwhile. Sweet skunky smell and taste, but strong long lasting mind psychedelic high. I'm not sativa fan, but Santa Maria is my choice now! 7e/g Nepal hash as usual, 7e/g Maroc polm as usual.
Positive Review Phill T from UK sent 1 Aug 2008
Was staying with a friend in the area & visited twice, the first time more or less just to get some smoke. Found the chap really helpful asked for something light & heady and he recommended the Santa Maria and it was spot on. The second time my friend had a load of stuff to do so I had a couple of hours to kill. So back to the Moby Dick this time I got some nice hash and just sat & chilled I like the layout & decor & loved the aircon. It was a tad warm outside. The only downside was a local nutter on the second visit. But in some ways having a loony wandering around talking to themselves counts as entertainment.
Positive Review Max from Germany sent 12 Apr 2008
Nice atmosphere, very friendly staff and locals. I asked for an uplifting sativa high, and with "Santa Maria" I got exactly what I wanted! :) Great. They have a nice chill out area with tables which I used to spread out my work as the Santa Maria enabled me to work very creative and concentrated! WoW! A totally new experience to get things done while being stoned, and the best my boss loved my ideas I came up with! Maybe I should tell him, that is was Marias Fault. ;) I can definitely recommend this place!
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
The best shop in Hengelo, the environment is nautical themed, which being from California makes me feel quite at home. The gear is top quality, and the hash as well. The place is made to chill, and the staff is great. I personally spend most of my time here as I have made friends with a staff member Dennis who also has sent me to some of the best restaurants to eat (he has culinary experience always a plus).
Positive Review Judas from Netherlands sent 6 Nov 2005
Just been renovated and looks like a real pirate ship when u enter. There's room for games internet pool and various other games.