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De Molen

coffeeshop Enschede
Reviews of De Molen Number of Positive Reviews 8 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Neutral Review Jesscass visited April 2019; sent 26 Apr 2019
You enter and there is a dealer on the left side while the sitting area behind glass is to the right. There is room for thirty seats which were looking basic and shop itself didn't come across too special as well. Same with the menu which had about six strains of weed ranging from five to twelve euro per gram. Amg Haze for 12€/g is their most expensive one. For hashish there were four types, from five to ten euro a gram. Hia for 10€ is their best, also one cheap Afghan available. All pre-packed and products looked just average so said our farewells.
Positive Review Team England sent 27 Apr 2012
Some good weeds especially the Big Bhudda and the Cheese Haze. Friendly enough but not a place for staying ages.
Positive Review Max from Germany sent 15 Feb 2010
Very nice, oldschool shop! 80's music! They have wooden chairs and tables in an extra smoke area! You can play pool in the non-smoking area! You can buy joints there, already rolled! Very good stuff! They sell weed and hash!
Positive Review Rob from Germany sent 3 Nov 2009
Real cosy shop although there are only wood chairs. The staff is very friendly. Many of the customers are Dutch. You can get papers and filter tips at the counter, as well as clean glass bongs. Drinks are € 1,20. There's a pinball machine. The weed was good.
Positive Review Pthomas from USA sent 22 Oct 2007
Really comfortable place third in my list from Enschede/Hengelo for hanging out from Moby Dick to Cafe Mix, then the good old Molen. The gear, "Santa Maria" is great, the staff, mostly women, are super nice. I always have good conversations there and make a friend or two. The beverage selection is good and they have clean glass bongs.
Positive Review Oli from Germany sent 12 Sep 2007
This shop is near the station, small but good, last time they have Snewitjen the taste was great.
Positive Review Ganjabus450 from Germany sent 17 Feb 2006
De Mole is the friendly peoples ever. So nice in there. Good prices for good weed. The Santa Maria is so good and the Snewitjen smells so good and will fly away.
Positive Review Shaun from Scotland sent 21 Jul 2005
An interesting café, lots of Red Indian décor, always a nice smoke, locals use it (always a good sign).
Positive Review Anke from Germany sent 16 Apr 2004
Close to the station. Little variety, but the quality is excellent! Very simply furnished with wood chairs and tables, so not a place to sit for a long time. Pool table and interesting people.